These National Love Your Pet Day 2020 photos celebrate cats and dogs.

Here Are 20 Of The Cutest Photos Of Animals Celebrating Love Your Pet Day

Stefan Cristian Cioata/Moment/Getty Images

National Love Your Pet Day is here, and celebrating is as easy as showing your pet some love on social media. While you may have plans to spend some quality time with your furry friends today, you can also share the cuteness with fellow animal lovers. Plenty of owners are already posting about their pets, and these 20 National Love Your Pet Day photos feature the cutest pups and kitties.

Coming right after Valentine's Day — which IMHO, is also another great day to celebrate the special pets in your life — Thursday, Feb. 20 is officially National Love Your Pet Day. It's a great time to catch up on sharing affection with your animals, as well as take a refresher on animal love language. For instance, cat love language is usually evident when your cat takes a moment to look directly at you with relaxed, blinking eyes. And any cat owner will know that their cat is showing affection when they bump up against your leg, rub their cheeks on you, purr loudly and snuggle, or offer their head for a kiss. Meanwhile it's a little easier to understand when a dog is showing you affection, because doggos are so easy to read, with their puppy dog eyes, wagging tails, and friendly licks.

However you show your appreciation for your dog, feline, reptile, bird, or rodent friends, it's safe to say that you won't be the only one posting all over Twitter to celebrate just how cute your pet is.

Here are some of the cutest pictures of doggos making the rounds on Twitter:

Even some working dogs are getting attention with cute posts:

There are also so many adorable photos of cats in honor National Love Your Pet Day:

Although cats and dogs are popular pet choices, let's not forget all of the other good boys and girls:

Besides posting adorable photos on Twitter, pet owners can celebrate National Love Your Pet Day with their pup by going on a walk, getting them a new squeaky toy, rewarding them with treats, or even do an at-home doggy day spa.