20 Movie Quotes About Love That Are Irresistibly Adorable

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I am a sucker for love and, consequently, I am a sucker for romantic movies. Whether they're comedies or dramas, I really don't care how clichéd or straight-up ridiculous the premise may be — watching two people fall for each other over the course of approximately 90 minutes never gets old. Even if you're the biggest cynic out there, it's hard to resist a feel-good flick with a happily-ever-after ending, especially when that ending involves two people coming together against all odds. I've rounded up some of the best movie quotes about love of all time, and they seriously capture all the complexities and joys of romance.

A relationship can bloom between a struggling comedian and a woman stuck in an induced coma. It can connect a poor quarry worker and a spoiled heiress. Love can even bring together a professional letter-writer and a virtual assistant with artificial intelligence. No matter how, when, or where it happens, movies allow for the most extraordinary relationships to become a reality, and as corny they may be, they definitely provide some swoon-worthy quotes. Here are 20 of the sweetest romantic movie quotes ever, and don't be surprised if you shed some happy tears.

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