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20 Monokinis For Summer 2019 That Will Make You Want To Live At The Beach

When it comes to swimwear trends, I must admit that I hardly keep track of them. I still have swimsuits from high school that I wear, and seeing as they still fit and aren't falling apart I see no reason to upgrade. Except now, monokinis for summer 2019 are trending (I can't escape their popularity seeing as they're taking over my Instagram feed), meaning this might be the year that I finally give my swim wardrobe a refresh. A swimsuit that looks like a bikini but won't get torn off by a wave or end up in two completely separates places in my apartment? Count me in.

I love a good one-piece but sometimes they can feel a bit uncomfortable and like they're sticking to my torso in all the wrong places. That's where monokinis come in. Thanks to their ample cutouts, the style never feels suctioned to your body or like it's stretching uncomfortably — and unlike a bikini, it's not prone to wardrobe malfunctions. If this sounds appealing to you, check out 20 fire options on the market right now. From those with florals to those with stripes to those with graphic prints to everything in between, there will be a monokini you'll love.

Zig Zag

The simple black one piece got a not-so-simple upgrade thanks to a zig-zag and strapless design. This is a suit that you could pair with denim cutoffs and wear from beach to bar.

Prep School

Something about the colors and the stripe pattern of this suit makes it feel decidedly preppy, but in the best of ways.

Opposites Attract

A prime example of how to mix prints! The graphic stripes and oversized floral make this style pop.

Cold Shoulder

One shoulder tops and dresses are also hot for summer, so this suit lets you try two trends in one.

Beach Babe

This suit is fresh, straightforward, and timeless.

Bright Idea

Try out neon in a big way with this two-tone suit.

Graphic Design

The unexpected print of this suit feels decidedly retro, which makes the faux high-waisted bottoms all the more appropriate.

Flower Power

I never saw a daisy print I didn't like!

On Fire

Thanks to its logo waistband, this suit feels decidedly sporty. Leave it to Speedo to create the coolest style of summer.

All Tied Up

You'll definitely want to make sure to wear a high SPF when you rock this suit in order to avoid some interesting tan lines.

Gold Standard

If you want to literally shine on the beach, this gold swimsuit is for you.

Rosy Disposition

Because you can never have too many floral pieces in the summer.

Split Personality

If you tend to gravitate towards more simple and straightforward swimwear styles, this two-tone monokini will likely pique your interest.

In Full Bloom

This retro floral print is a welcome departure from the more graphic and modern iterations you typically see on swimwear.

Boxed In

Channel your inner Brigitte Bardot in this '60s-inspired gingham suit.

Tangerine Dream

This looks like it shouldn't structurally work, but it does — and it looks cool AF.

Spotty Service

The inverted polka dot prints of this monokini make it feel extra playful.

Animal Instincts

I mean, this suit is straight up fierce! It's got leopard print and metal hardware details to thank for it.