20 Messages To Send Your Match If You're Not Looking For Something Serious

When dating apps first hit my college campus, one of my friend's first swipes was a hot guy who lived exactly 0.1 miles away. "I bet I can go over to his place, have some fun, and be back here in 45 minutes," she said. And so she typed out a few words, pressed send, and soon enough, he invited her over to his place. She was back at our dorm within 45 minutes, just like she bet. We were in awe. Now, we might be older and wiser, and using our apps for experiences that last more than 45 minutes, but what do you even send your match if you're not looking for something serious?

To be fair, you could pretty much send anything as long as you're not waxing poetic about your relationship with your grandmother or the tragic story of why you had to put down your family dog. I mean, I'm sorry, those are just heavy conversation starters. If you're looking for a little something-something that doesn't necessarily lead to a walk down the aisle, you gotta start the conversation off on the right note.

Seduction is not like one-size-fits-all clothing — the same thing won't work for absolutely everybody. But certain messages might clue your match into the fact that you're not exactly looking for a fancy dinner date, or hoping to get married any time soon.

If you're cursed with writer's block just when you need it most, don't worry. Pick one of the lines below, toss it into the conversation, and see what happens. Sprinkle in winky-face emojis and sassy GIFs to your own taste. Be the master chef of your own perfectly flirty evening.

Whatever happens, don't blame me. Dating should be fun, and if the urge to have a little extra fun strikes, then I say go for it. You deserve a little something not-so-serious every once in awhile.

Send One Of These Lines To Hint At Vaguely Flirty Vibes

1. Thank God we matched. I wasn't ready for my night to end.

2. Please tell me you're around tonight.

3. Do you ever have nights where you just can't sleep?

4. So, got any plans?

5. I'm so bored... What are you up to tonight?

6. I was just about to put on a movie. Any really good suggestions?

Send One Of These Compliments Because They Basically Scream, "Hi, You're Really Hot"

7. Hi, you're really hot.

8. How do you literally have an eight-pack in that photo?

9. I just have to tell you — your smile is incredible.

10. You're way too cute to be single.

11. If I had to describe my type, you'd be exactly it.

12. Damn. You should give lessons on how to craft the perfect profile.

Send One Of These Lines Because They're Bold AF

13. I'm so into you.

14. I have a Netflix password and a bottle of wine. Join me?

15. Not to brag, but I just put the finishing touches on my latest Spotify playlist, and it's a masterpiece. Come listen with me?

16. Let's get out of town for the weekend. Where should we go?

17. What's your favorite bar in this neighborhood?

18. I really wish you were here.

19. I wish I could kiss you right now.

20. Come over. Now.

Go get 'em, tiger.

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