These Cool & Comfy Flats Will Outshine Your Ballet Flats Any Day


Sneakers are great, but sometimes you need something a bit more elevated than a pair of classic Chucks or Nikes that will still boast that same level of convenience. Cue cute and comfy flats. When it comes to dressiness, they're a step up from sneakers, yet they're way less uncomfortable than any type of heel ever could be. While ballet flats are the most ubiquitous style, there's a whole other world of low riders out there for you to explore. No matter what type of occasion you're shopping for, there will be one to finish off your look.

From loafers and slip-ons to jelly shoes and lace-up styles, the range of flats is huge. Seeing as they all also come in different colors, prints, finishes, et cetera, there truly is one for everybody. Below, I rounded up 20 of the best pairs of flats to rock this summer. if you're into animal prints, I got you. If woven or braided styles are more your alley, you'll also have plenty of options to choose from. Check them out, select a few of your favorite pairs, and get ready to seriously elevate your summer by making your footwear collection super down to earth.

The Fray

I love a slip-on shoe for the sheer convenience it adds to getting dressed in the morning. These are certainly super easy, but their black woven upper and slightly pointed toe makes them feel all kinds of chic.

Are You Jelly?

Take your style back to your childhood with these super nostalgic jelly flats. The flecks of glitter in the shoes makes them all the more playful.

Cream of the Crop

Thanks to their braided material and soft creamy hue, these flats boast a breezy bohemian vibe.

Sheer Genius

Thanks to their elegant mesh uppers and pointed toe silhouette, these flats feel all kinds of chic and could be dressed way up or down with ease.

Ballet Beautiful

If you ever trained in ballet then these flats might remind you of your precious pointe shoes. Thanks to their lace up straps and square toes, they bring a new aesthetic to the everyday footwear style.

It's Cool

These just look effortlessly stylish. Pair them with breezy baggy jeans and a white crop top and you've got yourself an ideal weekend look.

Casual Fridays
Comfort Is Key
What the Heel?

I'm someone who cannot bear to wear slip-on shoes for more than a few hours because I always seem to kick them off when I walk. Thanks to their heel straps, I wouldn't have to worry about that with these woven shoes.

Fringe Benefits

Obsessed! The unique silhouette and tassel detailing of these nude shoes make them one of my favorite pairs of flats ever.