20 Cheap, Last-Minute V-Day Gifts That Are Still Super Thoughtful

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While you may want to get your boo breakfast at Tiffany's and bottles of bubbles for Valentine's Day (or anything else from an Ariana Grande song), it's not always reasonable or even possible to go all out for every holiday. Whether you like to keep things more low-key or you're totally balling on a budget, these cheap last-minute Valentine's Day gifts are the perfect mix of thrifty and thoughtful.

Like anniversaries or other relationship milestones, Valentines's Day can mean something different to every couple. Though your friends and family may be totally swooning over "dinner for two" deals and big nights out, you and your boo may prefer to eat take-out and a bad '80s movie. You don't need to spend a million dollars or go to the ends of the earth to do something that's thoughtful and little out of the ordinary for your partner on Valentine's day. From getting their favorite candies and snacks at the bodega next to their house to filling their car up with gas, there are tons of creative gifts that don't break the bank.

And if you're looking for some last-minute inspiration, here are 20 affordable and easy V-Day gifts for your partner.


1. Get a coaster or printed cocktail napkin from wherever you had your first date and put it in a dollar store frame.

2. Buy a map of your city from a gas station and mark all of the places that are special to you.

3. Print out your favorite pictures of each other at a CVS or drugstore and make a collage.

4. Get some of their favorite snacks and junk foods from a corner store.

5. Clean up around their house and do all of their dishes.

6. Write down everything you love about them and read it out loud.

7. Make them a coupon book for free things that they can use at any time. (Ex: I'll watch Star Trek with you and only complain a little.)

8. Leave little love notes on sticky tabs around their apartment.

9. Get their car washed and fill their tank with gas.

10. Pack a picnic and surprise them at lunchtime.

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11. Bake them something.

12. Bring them coffee or tea at work or school.

13. Buy them a bunch of travel-sized toiletries, like mini lip balms, shampoos, and toothpaste.

14. Name a star after them. (You can do it for $18.95.)

15. Make them a playlist on Spotify or AppleMusic

16. Buy them an extra phone charger. (Everyone needs an extra phone charger.)

17. Let them choose the movie or TV show.

18. Buy them their favorite beverage.

19. Offer to pick them up from school or work, either on foot or in a car.

20. Make their bed and light a bunch of candles in their room.