19 Coffee Puns To Text The Person You’ve Bean Crushing On

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Is there any more classic meet-cute scenario than locking eyes with someone at a coffee shop? You’re sitting there with your iced vanilla latte in hand, working steadily through a new book or your to-do list, and then, boom — you notice a handsome stranger. They sit down near you, and eventually, you start talking. If you’re lucky enough to snag their number, it’s time to prep some texts to send someone you met at a coffee shop. Then, later on, you’ll be ready to keep the conversation going (and maybe grab lattes together again). This could be the start of something brew-tiful if you play your cards right.

To cheekily evoke the way you met, text them with a coffee pun right off the bat. It’s an easy way to break the ice and subtly espresso your feelings while making a joke. And once you get to talking, you may learn that a hot beverage isn’t the only way to warm their heart.

Here are the punniest one-liners your coffee date won’t be able to resist:

1. You mocha me smile.

2. I liked our conversation a latte.

3. You’re the one I’ve bean waiting for.

4. You’re a real catch, and that’s the tea.

5. Thanks for helping me procaffeinate on my homework today.

6. I’m noticing some feelings brewing here.

7. I’m officially depresso because I miss talking to you.

8. Thanks for keeping me grounded.

9. I don’t give a frappe if it's too soon to say this. I like you!

10. Talking with you was a real perk of my day.

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11. Hey hot-tea, thanks for the great conversation.

12. Where have you bean all my life?

13. I’m giving this my best (espresso) shot — go to dinner with me?

14. This might sound forward, but I feel like you and I are the perfect blend.

15. You’re just my cup of tea.

16. Pardon my French (roast), but damn, you looked good today.

17. Bottomless thanks for the coffee today!

18. Let’s rise and grind again together sometime.

19. Let’s give this thing a chai, shall we?

You’ll wow them with your great taste in coffee and your eloquent way with words. Whatever text you send, it’s sure to be tea-riffic if you keep it light and fun. Just brew it — what do you have to lose?

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