National Teacher Appreciation Day holds extra significance this year.

People On Twitter Are Giving Educators Major Props For Teacher Appreciation Day


People on the internet are giving educators the props they deserve in honor of National Teacher Appreciation Day, which has an extra special meaning for parents, students, and teachers this year. Many classes have gone online due to the coronavirus pandemic, which presents an extra challenge for educators who now have to teach a full curriculum using videoconferencing platforms and other virtual tools. It's not an easy job, and these tweets about National Teacher Appreciation Day are full of appreciation for all the work they do and for going above and beyond during this time of crisis.

Considering most schools around the country have ended classes for the year or switched into an online-only format due to different states' social distancing measures, this year's Teacher Appreciation Day on Tuesday, May 5, is an especially important holiday to recognize due to the fact many educators have taken on extra work and responsibilities to teach students virtually. Almost overnight, many teachers were forced to pivot their lesson plans for the rest of the school year and switch to online tests, lectures, and more. In late March and early April, as more parents doubled as homeschool instructors, they began to tweet their praises for teachers who help their kids every day.

A familiar chorus of praise rang through on May 5, when the hashtag #TeacherAppreciationDay started trending as current and former students alike took to Twitter to reflect on the role that educators have played in their lives and careers. Many tweets also took a moment to recognize parents who are currently working from home and have had to learn how to juggle their regular workload in addition to providing some level of schooling to their kids at home.

While National Teacher Appreciation Day technically falls on May 5, educators and students can keep the recognition going until Sunday, courtesy of Teacher Appreciation Week. Between May 5 and the end of the week, you can get in on the conversation and voice your appreciation to a significant educator in your life by heading to Twitter and sharing your experience.

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