18 Texts To Send The Morning After A Casual Hookup

by Korey Lane
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Imagine this: You're sitting in bed alone with a cup of coffee, thinking about the great sex you had last night. Your hookup left you totally satisfied, and you definitely know you want to see them again, but it was a totally casual encounter. So, what do you text them so that you're both on the same page? In this case, having texts to send the morning after a casual hookup in your back pocket might come in handy. Because hey, if you had fun, you might as well have some more.

A casual hookup is "casual" because both people involved aren't really looking for anything too committed. "This is a hookup buddy or a FWB situation — a person in your life you can text at any hour (typically late night) and hookup," relationship coach Nina Rubin previously told Elite Daily. "You know each other well enough for sex or to hookup but you don’t typically date or make plans."

However, if you really enjoyed yourself the night before and want to make plans to do it again sooner rather than later, here are some texts to send the morning after a casual hookup. Because you deserve great sex, more than just once.

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1. "So, that was fun ;)"

2. "My legs are still shaking."

3. "Next time, you have to let me return the favor."

4. "That was soooo hot."

5. "Where did you learn that one move?"

6. "OK, when can we do that again? Because that was amazing, tbh."

7. "I'm already thinking about doing that again as soon as possible ;)"

8. "Down for round two?"

9. "I'm grabbing drinks with my friends at this really cool bar tonight, you should come or we could meet up afterwards?"

10. "What are you wearing?"

11. "I'm still not fully recovered from what we did last night ;)"


12. "I was thinking about last night and I got horny all over again, wanna help me take care of that?"

13. "All I can think about right now is how good it felt to run my hands all over your body. What are you thinking about?"

14. "I don't know about you, but I think sex that great deserves an encore."

15. "I won't lie, I think we both had a great time last night and we should definitely do it again. You?"

16. "I'm ready to hop back on, if you know what I mean ;)"

17. "So, I definitely need, like, a day to recover from that, but after that I'm down to hit the hay at least one more time."

18. "I never realized I was a fan of [insert sex move here], but you've officially converted me. Round two?"

If you have a casual hookup buddy who seriously makes your toes curl, then that's awesome! You should be having great sex! And if you want to see if that certain hookup is down to do it again, go for it. These texts are a great way to keep things casual, while still making it clear that you're open to another hookup. What have you got to lose?

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