Lara Jean from 'To All The Boys I've Love Before' writes a contract on a picnic table outside.

18 Lara Jean 'To All The Boys I've Loved Before' Quotes For Your Instas With Bae


There's a reason the To All The Boys I've Loved Before series is a favorite, and that's because Lara Jean Covey is relatable AF. The first time you saw TATB, you immediately connected with Lara Jean's love of romance and how much she cares for her family. She's also an amazing writer, which is why you might want to grab a few Lara Jean To All the Boys I've Loved Before quotes to use on the 'gram.

While Lara Jean didn't have the courage to send out her love letters, you might not be at all hesitant to show the world how much you care about your partner. You can't wait to post selfies and throwback pics of the two of you looking super cute together. The only problem is coming up with the right words for your captions. Luckily, Lara Jean has already said everything you might want to, and these quotes from To All the Boys I've Loved Before will spread the love on your feed.

Use a sweet quote for the Peter Kavinsky to your Lara Jean, whether you're cooking a dreamy dinner together or just making each other LOL. You could even use a Lara Jean quote for your romantic movie night pic while watching the final movie in the TATB trilogy when it drops on Netflix. Whatever the picture is, you've already got the right words to caption it with, so post away.


1. "So, love and dating? I love to read about it, and it's fun to write about and to think about in my head..."

2. "It was spin the bottle."

3. "You must really like yogurt?"

4. "The forbidden kiss."

5. "We don't have to talk about it, but it's not 'whatever.'"

6. "I always fantasized about falling in love in a field... I just never thought it would be the kind where you played lacrosse."

7. "It was fated that we should meet like this."

8. "I wrote five letters, so don't go feeling too special."

9. "I just want to finish this chapter."


10. "I write a letter when I have a crush so intense I don't know what else to do."

11. "Why did he come to the field of desire?"

12. "Shut up. You're not real."

13. "I guess that's where my life has taken me."

14. "Did I mention that I have a fake boyfriend?"

15. "You can put your hand in my back pocket."

16. "You think he's waiting for me in the hot tub?"

17. "What do you put into a contract for a real relationship?"

18. "You might be the James Dean of this kind of stuff."