Connell from 'Normal People'

'Normal People' Fans Can't Stop Thirst-Tweeting About Connell & His Chain


Sally Rooney's Normal People wrecked readers when the coming-of-age romance novel came out in 2018. Now similarly tugging at heartstrings is the eponymous Hulu series based off the book, which dropped on April 29 and brought to life the characters from Rooney's work. If you haven't noticed, there is one character from the screen adaptation who has fans particularly invested... and extremely turned on. The tweets about Connell from Normal People say all that needs to be said about fans' thirst for him.

Just as Noah Centineo's Peter Kavinsky and Chase Stokes' John B. Routledge have before him, Paul Mescal's Connell Waldron has become one of the internet's newest boyfriends. In the Hulu limited series, Connell is sweet, sexy, and slightly emotionally unavailable — which tend to be key components to a leading man in YA projects. Connell's shy, caring personality coupled with his dashing good looks and sexual chemistry with Marianne (Daisy Edgar-Jones) have made fans fall for him, hard. Plus, in the raw, emotional moments in which he grappled with his feelings and came to terms with his mental health, viewers found him especially precious, seeming to either see their own experiences within Connell's, or want to protect him at all costs (or both).

But it's not just the man whom fans have become devoted to. ICYMI, audiences everywhere have latched on to a specific aspect of the character they are finding extremely attractive: Connell's chain. For reasons most fans can't exactly seem to put their fingers on, the thin necklace worn by Connell throughout the film has so many people hot and bothered, it simply cannot go without mention.

"It’s absolutely part of Connell’s identity," Mescal told The Cut about the tiny wardrobe detail. "If another character wore one, it would be totally jarring. With Connell, it fits like a glove or something." Judging by fan's tweet about the chain, Mescal is spot-on.

Normal People is on Hulu now.