Tweets About 2017 Prove We Are Ready For A New Start In 2018

The holidays are a time of the year to reflect, and if we must, it's safe to say that 2017 was a wild journey. We experienced a whirlwind in so many respects, and at times, it wasn't all easy to accept. These 17 tweets about 2017 will definitely make you toast to new beginnings for the year ahead.

For the politicos out there who thought nothing could get worse than the 2016 presidential election, things were only getting started. President Donald Trump's first year in office was filled with debate and turbulence. From the "Muslim Ban" and the transgender military ban, to the controversial health care and tax plans, and of course, a slew of Twitter storms, the president made quite a statement in D.C. Our country felt more divided than ever (certainly in my lifetime).

But this definitely wasn't the only industry that experienced pandemonium. The media and Hollywood (and yes, even politics) faced a reckoning from alleged sexual misconduct victims. Top execs and beloved actors were being accused so rapidly that SNL's Colin Jost said that listing the alleged suspects each week was akin to reciting Powerball numbers. Industries that were meant to promote a healthy and safe space turned into a toxic environment for the workers and fans.

And sadly, 2017 wasn't immune to tragedies, be it natural disasters or acts of violence. Hurricanes, earthquakes, shootings, and terror-related incidents were quite common, and made so many of us question our safety. These situations felt truly heartbreaking, and it felt as though things were taking a turn for the worst.

There was a lot to absorb this year, and clearly, not everything was positive. After a strenuous 12 months, many people took to social media to air their grievances with 2017. Of course, no one held back.

Some tweets were simple and to the point.

Others tried to be a bit humorous.

Some went for the shock factor.

Twitter's competitor Facebook also relieved 2017 with its Year in Review, and it definitely took on a somber note. This data, which is determined by keyword volume comparisons and daily keyword spikes, among other factors — definitely reiterated what people were tweeting. From natural disasters such as Hurricane Harvey and the earthquake in Mexico, to One Love Manchester and the horrific shooting in Las Vegas, these highly publicized happenings reflect the difficult times we experienced worldwide.

OK, it's safe to say you know we went through a lot. However, there were moments that made us feel hopeful. Through its data, Facebook revealed that people joined together via social media to help one another when they needed truly needed it. The site uncovered a story of a man who put together 300 lunch packs for those who had been affected by the damage in Mexico. Another story made the rounds and stated that a man from India — thousands of miles from the U.S. — helped raise $20,000 via the donate button on Facebook Live to help people who were affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Even when things seemed divided, the truth is, unity helped us through the hard times. Facebook also revealed that 2017 events showed how people, particularly women, came together for fight for their rights. Women's Day was the number one most talked about event this year, according to the site, and people worldwide took advantage of the event.

While yes, there were certainly ups and downs, a rocky year proves that life happens, but things can change, provided we do. Here's to hoping that there are more positive outcomes for 2018. Cheers to that.