People Are Tweeting The Signs Your Relationship Is Moving Fast & I'm LOLing

I met my first boyfriend in fifth grade. He was new, had just moved to the U.S. from South America, and was a whole year older than everyone else in our class. Obviously, I was obsessed. We started dating four days into the school year, and two weeks later, he broke up with me in the lunch line. You could say it was a whirlwind romance, but my fifth grade self didn’t pick up on the quickness of it all! Truth is, even when you’re not a middle-schooler, it’s hard to notice the signs your relationship is moving fast.

When you’re that into someone, you’re so wrapped up in them that you want to do all these relationship-y things that you might not be ready for. Thankfully, people on Twitter have your back (as they do, sometimes). Using #YourRelationshipIsMovingFast, they have managed to find humor in the (often kind of depressing) ways to tell that you and your SO are needlessly racing to the finish line.

That said, everyone does things at a different pace, so don’t fret! Sometimes, the relationships that form the fastest are the most enduring. But that’s not always the case! It’s totally fine to move slowly. As long as you and your partner are moving at a pace that you’re both happy and comfortable in, that’s all that really matters. In the meantime, laugh at the weird sh*t people came up with for this hashtag, because honestly, some of these are way too real.

1. But What If You Just Really Hit It Off??

2. Too Bad This Has Usually Been A Great First Topic Of Conversation With SEVERAL Of My Girl Friends

3. Isn't There A Name For This?

4. You Need A Partner, Not A Third Parent

5. OK, But Does It Still Count If The Second Date Is At, Like, Target? Serious Question.

6. Mocha Frappe Is A Great Name For A Dog, Thank You V Much

7. There Is Nothing Wrong With This!!!

8. I Thought Farting Was A Great Sign Of A Comfortable Relationship??

9. UGH, True Love Is Real <3

10. Whirlwind Relationships CAN Result In Happiness, Everyone!

11. OK, Sorry, This Is Actually A Super Cute Thing.

If they share their dessert with you, especially on the second date, keep them forever.

12. There's Nothing Wrong With Looking Like Your Natural Self Always!

13. But What If They Found It On Facebook?!

Can you really be mad at flowers??

14. True, Though.

15. Guy. Needs. To. Relax.

16. This Is Honestly A Fabulous Accomplishment.

But also, The Notebook should be required watching in relationships anyway.

17. Consider This A Sign Of Trust, TBH.

Serious points if I have your Netflix password before the third date. We're getting married, bye!!

Is it just me, or are some of these signs your relationship is "moving too fast" actually incredible indicators of, like, ideal relationships? A second date to Bed, Bath & Beyond, surprise flower deliveries, and farting?!?! Sign. Me. UP. Plus, any date that involves talking baby names is an A+ date, IMO. Who doesn't love babies?

Honestly, if you're on a date and you're comfortable enough to talk about serious ish, that's probably a good thing. It may actually be a sign that your date is good at communication. You know, communication? Like, one of, if not the, most important part of a relationship? IDK! Just a crazy thought!

Sure, relationships sometimes move fast, but that's only because the people involved are allowing it to. Because they want to. Because they feel comfortable enough to. Don't judge, y'all. You never know when you're going to find the person you're going to want to spend forever with. When ya know, ya know! (I think. I wouldn't know. That's just what they've told me.)

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