16 Tweets About Dating In College That’ll Totally School You

Ah, college. From dining rooms to mixed-gender halls, there is no shortage of places to find new crushes. For many people, dating is a big part of college. With classes, internships, clubs, and teams you're constantly meeting new people and trying new things. Those moments that make dating in college so "dating in college" may be hard for you to put your finger on. Yet they're pretty easily summed up in these tweets about dating in college. Big school or small school, dating during undergrad is a particularly noteworthy time when looking for love. And rest assured, lots of people are taking notes, then tweeting them.

Maybe it was the moment you caught eyes at the salad bar or during that ultimate frisbee competition. That fateful night that you and your roomie fought over who would get the dorm to yourself, only to find you were both seeing the same person? College campuses can allow for chaotic, as well as romantic, nights. Maybe college is where you met "the one." Maybe it's where you learned you never wanted to date every again. Maybe it's where you came out. Or maybe, some combination of the three (now, that is a Tweet thread I would love to read.) Whatever your experience courting as a co-ed, these tweets will make you feel seen.

Best of both worlds.
oliviareiersgaa on Twitter

I'm team mozzi-sticks, but I get it. Also I remember the version of this couple at my college and they also had matching pajamas and I hope they're well.

_tori_belle on Twitter

Honestly, sometimes it takes a couple of songs to realize you're listening to a Christian radio station and the songs are about loving God and not being ghosted.

I didn't say even say anything yet.
kelkochmann on Twitter

I don't endorse calling women "psychos," but otherwise, this is accurate.

Keep Calm
bobvulfov on Twitter

I'm not over excited, you're over excited!

Good old days.
softestkissus on Twitter

Hope you spell-checked those papers?

knasteeee on Twitter

I feel this way about feminist band shirts.

ashjeann on Twitter

My problem is, "How do I ask my mom for advice without telling her I've been sleeping with someone for four months that I've never eaten a meal with?"

10 Things I Hate About You
justgawgeous on Twitter

Don't be fooled by a man with a band. Or a man in a band.

Xoxo, Gossip Girl
_topnotchtim on Twitter

People can see us, OK?

Ring my bell.
sramzyy on Twitter

I'm not sure how they got in.

iwantmorris on Twitter

Honestly, this sounds lit.

Too soon.
_su11ivan_ on Twitter

Ok, but try dating people fresh into their first philosophy class.

lelsok on Twitter

Um, his name is Turkey Chili.

Pon De Replay
kyliefeie on Twitter

The soundtrack to your night routine.

raz_txt on Twitter

This one got me.

7th Wheeling
shenaniganz22 on Twitter

Confessions of the only single in the UberXL — a memoir.

From frat houses to soccer fields, college leaves no shortage of people or places to make memories that will last a lifetime or make for a funny tweet. Maybe you met your boo the first day of orientation and have been happily taken since. Maybe dating isn't your thing and college is a time for friends and learning new things. Whatever your experience with dating in college, hopefully some of these tweets will hit close to homecoming.