Kylie Jenner poses in front of a rose wall at the 2019 Met Gala in a purple dress with fluffy purple...

16 Captions For Your Kylie Jenner Costume That'll "Shine" On The 'Gram

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This Halloween, you might have the most luxe costume out of everyone at the party. That's because you're dressing up like Kylie Jenner. You and your besties may be putting on pink dresses like the rest of the Kylie Skin #squad, or you might be rocking a purple wig to channel Jenner's stunning 2019 Met Gala look. It's only right that you have a bunch of captions for your Kylie Jenner costume on hand. This way, you're more than ready for the glowing pics you're going to post on the 'Gram all night long.

After all, Jenner constantly crushes it and keeps her followers up to date on social media. She posts about the latest details on her skincare line, her sweet daughter, Stormi, and the cool yacht trips she's taken with her best friends. Sometimes she shares video clips of her getting ready for the night on her stories, too. With every post, fans seem to rush to "like" and comment the fire emoji on it.

This Halloween, you may have a similar experience on social media, as your best friends and family members flock to see your epic, stylish, and super luxe costume. They'll instantly recognize the feather dress like the one Jenner wore on her birthday this year, or the lip kits you have in your hand, and say, "Oh my god, yass." Here are 16 captions for those pics that'll give your post a little extra "shine."

1. "Rise and shine." — Kylie Jenner

2. "Not your average boss babe."

3. "Dropping a skincare line at midnight."

4. "Casually building an empire, no big deal."

5. "Life isn't perfect, but your Halloween costume can be."

6. "She's a glow-getter."

7. "Catch me at the Met Gala next year."

8. "I've never met a lip kit I didn't like."

9. "Am I Kylie Jenner yet?"

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10. "Serving you some Kylie Jenner #looks."

11. "My hair, makeup, and nails have never been so on point."

12. "149 million followers on Instagram, and counting."

13. "On this week's episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians..."

14. "Famous looks good on me."

15. "The one where Kylie Jenner goes to the Halloween party."

16. "Kylie Skin #squad."

If you've been busy putting together your costume and haven't had a chance to "keep up" with Kylie Jenner these past few days, then let me give you the details real quick. She dressed up Stormi for Halloween and gave her daughter a look exactly like the one she wore to the Met Gala. It was straight-up adorable, and may give you some solid #inspo for your own costume on Oct. 31 and the glowing Instagram pics you're going to snap.