These Vintage-Inspired Tees Will Help You Ace Dad Style In A Totally Different Way

Revolve // ASOS

Band tees that were made decades ago are such special pieces thanks to their soft feel and the stories they carry. The thing is, they often cost an arm and a leg. If you want that same retro look at an actually affordable price, fear not — vintage graphic tees, or at least those that look vintage, are super easy to scout, so get excited to rock some retro-inspired outfits this summer.

I always lamented the fact that neither of my parents saved any of their graphic tees from when they were younger. My mom wasn't much into music or souvenir shirts (sigh), but my dad was a huge hippie and definitely attended some pretty epic rock concerts back in his day. Did he save his tie dye Grateful Dead tee or that Janis Joplin tee I've seen in photos? No, and now they're definitely being sold for $195 in some vintage store in Brooklyn. Such is life!

Thankfully, retailers like Urban Outfitters, NastyGal, and Revolve have re-released classic band tee styles that almost look like the real thing, while brands like Park Projects and Bliss and Mischief have designed their own original vintage-inspired styles. Take a look at some of their best offerings below.

Photo Opp

Thanks to its acid wash look, cropped silhouette, and wonderfully rainbow Kodak logo, this tee screams '80s cool.

Say It Like It Is

This shirt literally says "Reclaimed Vintage," so...yeah.

Cover Girl

National Geographic is hands down one of the best magazines out there, and the fact that it's been around for 18 years is proof. Why not rock a vintage cover in t-shirt form, especially a cover as beautiful as this one?

Face It

I have one of these tees so trust my when I say they're soft AF and feel legitimately vintage. Their winky face and cute slogan only add to their appeal.

Vacation Mode

This neon tee is the souvenir of my dreams! Now can I actually book a trip to Bermuda to wear it on?

Roll With It

This tee is a psychedelic dream thanks to its red tie dye detailing and desert-style Rolling Stones logo.

Angels on Earth

Fiorucci was all the rage in its heyday, and it's recently been revived with a brand new collection. There's no doubt it'll trend again, so snag yourself a tee before it does.

Havana, Oh Na Na

Another souvenir tee from a place I've never been. They say to dress for the job you want, but maybe I'll start dressing for the vacation I want instead?

Eagle Eyed

The washed out look of this tee makes it feel extra retro.

The Butterfly Effect

If you love butterflies as much as me then you'll be snagging this right TF now.

With The Band

This exact outfit would literally never get old, especially when paired with some black rocker booties.

Give Me A Ringer

Between its graphic design and '70s color palette, this tee has me hooked.

Crowned Royal

All hail the King (read: Queen).

Biker Babe

Because sometimes you just need to lean in to Harley Davidson chic.

Mama Mia

Once an icon, always an icon.