15 Tweets About Terrible First Kisses That’ll Make You High-Key Cringe

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For me, one of the best things about being a “late bloomer” was that my first kiss wasn't too awkward, ill-informed, wet, or anything like the common first kiss narrative tells you it’s "supposed" to be. It was actually very well-timed and romantic, so if you're in 20s and you haven't had your first kiss yet, don’t sweat it. You low-key might be onto something. A quick stroll through the internet shows that even though some folks had their first kiss a decade ago, a bad one can definitely stick with you. These tweets about bad first kisses will make you cringe, and if not, they’ll make you grateful things turned out a little differently for you — whether that’s because you had a smooth first kiss experience, or because you’re still waiting on your first one.

The following kisses did not go well for a multitude of reasons. One features the age-old problem of too much tongue. Some folks panicked because they were nervous, scared, or overthinking it. Sometimes, nothing was wrong with the makeout session, per se. It was simply lackluster, or they didn't realize they were just kissing the wrong person. Below, 12 tweets about terrible first kisses that were the absolute worst.

TFW You Scrunch Up Your Face Just Thinking About It

@ArinicoleBaby asked their followers if anyone else’s kiss was “nasty.” And TBH, sometimes one word and a scrunched-up face emoji is all it takes to capture the essence of a kiss gone wrong.

The Fire Just Dies Out

No matter how long you've been crushing on someone, the first kiss can be make-or-break. Sometimes, a bad one is enough to make you want to say, "thank u, next."

Something’s Just Not Right

Figuring out your sexuality is a complex process. Sometimes, a first kiss might not feel good because it happened to be with someone of a gender you’re not attracted to.

TFW You & Your Bestie Are Twinning

So what if the kiss was terrible? Maybe the excitement of engaging in a teenage rite of passage is what it’s really all about.

Legitimately Stressful

While concerns about being queer are valid, don't be afraid to just go for it. If you’ve got a wholesome crush on someone, a queer first kiss with them shouldn’t be anything to feel bad about.

Two Words...

And those are “wet and gross."

Sometimes it takes a couple of tries to see if this ~kissing~ thing is actually for you.

This Is Messed Up.

Imagine being dragged for your kissing skills… after your first kiss.

Height Differences Are Cute Until...

Spooning, forehead kisses, and hugs where you two fit just together are lovely. But have you ever tried to kiss someone who’s a dramatically different height than you? It can be challenging, to say the least

An Inevitable Awkward

Try as you might to not make it awkward, it can be. And sometimes, there’s nothing you can do to prepare because… well, you never really know what to expect!

So what do you do? Learn about what makes a good kiss the hard way.

Kissing As Friends? Not As Spicy As Expected

It’s common to banter with friends you’re attracted to about sleeping together out of curiosity, or kissing for practice. But what happens when you actually do? Well, it’s not always fireworks.

Sometimes, you might be better off not knowing.

And other times, maybe the kiss itself wasn’t bad. But the aftermath? Worse than a wet kiss.

Truth Or Dare Isn’t Always Lit, Either

Like Spin the Bottle or Seven Minutes in Heaven, Truth or Dare is a quintessentially "slick" way of putting yourself in a position to kiss your crush. But that doesn’t always turn out the way you might want it to, either.

Whether you’re squirming with second-hand embarrassment or sending up a prayer for these souls, know that your first kiss might not be what the movies make it out to be, but that's OK! You are definitely not alone. One thing's for sure: It'll get better! Way better. Trust.

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