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9 People Described What A Great First Kiss Feels Like & You'll Melt

by Ginny Hogan

A great first kiss is the type of moment you could write a song about. In fact, you could write many, as Faith Hill fans know (or one amazing song on repeat, anyway). If you've never had that dream first kiss (or if you have but you want another), you might be wondering what it's like in real life, not just in a country music ballad (which, I contend, is also real life). You may have had some decent first kisses in your day, but perhaps you're wondering, more specifically: What does a great first kiss feel like? I spoke with some people who've been there, done that, just to get the deets for you.

My favorite first kiss was my sophomore year of college. He kissed me on a swing set outside my dorm (my dorm was "childhood-but-for-adults" themed). I fell off but didn't get hurt, which is what I most liked about it, actually. He and I dated for another three months, but we never again kissed on that swing set, mostly because it was soon removed due to safety concerns. Still, it was a perfect first kiss, and what I remember most is feeling my hair bristle all over my body. If this resonates with you, you might love reading about some perfect first kisses.

Read on to find nine descriptions of that first-kiss-feeling!

A Flapper Situation

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We had previously worked together and were at a roaring 20s party hanging out for fun for the first time. A slow song came on. She put her hands on my hips and asked if it would be weird if she kissed me. I said no, and the whole party melted away. We made out for hours.

— Kylie, 29

Never Looking Back
I'd kissed men, but my first kiss with a woman was at age 23. There were so many years worth of buildup and internalized denial and questioning and the desire to just know that reached a peak in that moment, and then the kiss. And it was simple and sweet and right in a way it wasn't with men. I ended up officially coming out a couple of weeks later and I haven't looked back.

— Michelle, 28

Don't Even Care

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I'm shy about public displays of affection, but with a great first kiss, I don't even care if other people see me. I'm so focused on the other person and how excited I am to finally be kissing them — that's a great first kiss.

— Jeena, 42

Flavorful Fun
I was 15 years old and I was watching a movie with a girl and commented that I loved Choco Chip Mint ice cream and she said 'I do too!' and just started making out with me. It was pretty rad.

— Chad, 29

Street Sweetie
My first kiss was in eighth grade with a girl I still think is super cool (though we don't see each other much anymore). We were walking home after a double-date, and we kissed under a street light on a side street. Actually, it was really nice when I think back on it.

— Darin, 24

The Wait
When you’ve anticipated it so much that when it finally happens, you somehow simultaneously forget and remember what it feels like to have someone else’s lips pressed against yours, sending chills throughout your entire body.

— Rambo, 69


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It's just exciting! It's better than anything else, it's a complete thrill!

— Maria, 29

Unlike Anything Else
It's my favorite experience, and it really sets the stage for the relationship. I knew I was going to fall in love with my last boyfriend from our first kiss, and I was right.

— Karen, 28

Pure Attentiveness
It feels like the world drops away. Like you and your date stand alone on a crowded dance floor and suddenly you know she's 'the one.'

— Marc, 58

The perfect first kiss can come in so many different forms — in private, in public, by surprise, planned out. The dream-like, made-for-the-movies first kiss is one that makes you feel amazing, and, as these stories show, there are so many ways for that to happen. And the first one doesn't have to be the best one — if you're already in a relationship, you might get incredible kisses every day! Whether you've had your perfect first kiss or it's still waiting for you, enjoy the process! You deserve it.