Marissa and Summer lounge by the pool in an episode of 'The OC' full of spring break quotes.

15 'The OC' Quotes For Throwback Spring Break Pictures & Pooling Around

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Your photos from your favorite spring break could basically double as scenes from The OC. From Marissa Cooper and Summer Roberts tanning poolside, to Seth Cohen and Ryan Atwood kicking it in Miami, to the four of them living it up at beach bonfires, the show is practically a bucket list of spring break to-dos. That's why it makes perfect sense to use these The OC quotes for throwback spring break pictures with your own sunny days squad.

Posting your snaps with these quotes from The OC can freshen up your oldie but goodie pics on Insta. For instance, a snap of you and your partner sharing a loving look by the water will look just like the scene in Season 3's "The Aftermath," when Marissa and Ryan share a kiss at the beach. Sharing it on the ‘gram with a quote from that episode will make your couple-y spring break snaps look extra sweet. Or, if you have a photo of your crew making some LOL-worthy memories on vacation, then a quote from the foursome's trip to Mexico can capture your vibe.

While you may not be able to plan your usual spring break festivities this year, posting your throwback pics with any of these The OC quotes will recapture all your fond memories. Having these captions on hand will even save you some time, so you can get back to marathon-watching the show all over again.

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1. "Who wants to go fishing?" — Seth

2. "Got a nice boat, huh?" — Summer

3. "MVN's Spring Break Special." — Summer

4. "I'm headed to Miami." — Seth

5. "What happens in Mexico, stays in Mexico." — Seth

6. "Welcome to the OC." — Luke

7. "Your pool house or mine?" — Ryan

8. "Thanks for almost getting my bathing suit wet, Cohen." — Summer

9. "Doing magic by the pool." — Seth

10. "Two hands on the wheel and the wind blowing through your hair" — Summer

11. "Let me guess, you have a weakness for sea men? — Seth

12. "Fishing, I like that idea." — Ryan

13. "This little sardine." — Seth

14. "Oh, perfect. Go to Miami." — Summer

15. "How's the pool house?" — Ryan

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