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Send Your Long-Term Love These 15 Texts To Keep Things Fresh

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Just like a loaf of bread will go stale if you leave it out for too long, relationships can go stale, too. Unlike that crusty rye, however, it's easy to freshen up the dynamic between you and your partner. While finding new and unique ways to connect isn't always easy, it's definitely worth the effort. One simple but powerful way to keep the spark alive is by texting your long-term significant other with a little extra effort.

Aside from staying in touch about your plans for tonight and sending crucial updates about adorable dogs you find on Instagram, texting your partner can be a great way to remind them why you've chosen one another, why you care about each other, and why — even through all couples face challenges — this is the relationship you want to be in.

Need a little texting inspiration? Here are some ideas to get those fingers tapping.

Sweet Texts To Warm Their Heart.

Sweet texts that remind your partner how much they mean to you can both make their day and reaffirm your connection.

1. You are my favorite person on the planet. I love you AND like you the most.

2. You really are the cutest. I am so proud to get to call you mine.

3. I know I say it all the time, but you really are such an amazing person. You inspire me.

4. Hey babe, just wanted to let you know that I am thinking about you and missing you.

5. Not to be all dramatic... but you are, without a doubt, THE love of my life.

Texts With Surprises To Keep Things Exciting.

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Since the best offense is a good defense, you can combat the natural lulls in a relationship and work to avoid the ruts altogether by keeping each other on your toes with little surprises.

6. Hey… look in your pocket! I left you something. [Put a little love note or treat like candy in their pocket.]

7. When you get home tonight, pack your bag, we’re going on a surprise road trip this weekend.

8. Hey babe, I’m sorry you aren’t feeling well today. There's a Door Dash of soup on the way!

9. Hey guess what... Me + Pizza + [new movie or video game] = On our way over!

10. Hey, check it out, I did a little shopping today inspired by you! [Photo of new lingerie] Want a fashion show later? 😉

Sexy Texts To Keep Your Connection Spicy.

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Nothing keeps a relationship fresh like keeping the passion alive. Sexy little texts are a great way to add a little spice.

11. Hey cutie, just thinking about your booty. 🍑😉

12. I can't wait to feel your lips on mine.

13. Excuse the typos, I’m texting you with one hand... wish you were here.

14. Surprise! [Sexy selfie]

15. Hey babe! Just so you know, as soon as I see you tonight it’s NAKED time. Have fun concentrating at work today. Byeeeee 😜

Relationships do take work and the good ones are worth all the effort. But sending little messages that help to reinforce your connection and remind one another that you don't just love but also like one another is a small (but impactful) way to keep the fun, passion, and romance alive over the long haul.

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