15 Sexy Texts To Send On Halloween That Are Guaranteed To Scare Their Pants Off

Pop quiz! What’s the sexiest holiday? If you answered Valentine's Day, then sorry — try again. The sexiest holiday by far is Halloween. I mean, just look at all those costumes! Hotness everywhere. Plus, the fall weather just totally makes you want crawl under the covers and get cozy with your boo, and I think we all know what happens next: Tricks and treats, baby! So, if you're picking up on those sexy holiday vibes, then I say: Don’t hold back! Instead, let that special someone know how you’re feeling with one of these sexy texts to send on Halloween.

Sure, you could (and should) send your boo messages to keep things spicy year round, but Halloween is the perfect excuse to send them something extra (pumpkin) spicy! (Ugh, I know, that was terrible. But like the lattes themselves, I just can't resist.) Even if you aren't the type to send flirty — or downright dirty — messages the rest of the year, there is just something freeing and primal about the Samhain season. So, go ahead. Embrace it by sending them a happy holiday message they will never forget.

If you need a little help getting started, then no worries, I’ve got you covered with a little hot and spooky inspiration. Here are 15 ideas that range from light and flirty to full on sext monster. So fire up those fingers... it's about to get hot in here.

Flirty For Fall


If you want to ease into your sexy holiday texting, then consider sending something festively flirty and suggestive, like these:

  • “If you give me a treat, I’ll show you a special trick. 🍬😜”
  • “I must be a vampire because looking at you is making thirsty AF. 🧛💦”
  • “I hope you're feeling festive, because I am feeling pumpkin spicy tonight. And we're gonna be up latte. 🎃”
  • “Hey you. I think it’s time for a little hocus POKEus… If ya know what I’m sayin’ 😜😜😜”
  • “Why don't you you come over and see if I can scare your clothes off?” 👻👖

Saucy Samhain


If you're up for sending something a little spicier, then add in some clear suggestions of what kind of holiday celebrations you really have in mind.

  • “If you’re in the mood to get freaky in the sheets, then baby I’m your ghoul. 👻”
  • “I can’t wait to see your halloween costume tonight… on my floor 😉”
  • “Hey, wanna play haunted house tonight? It’s where you come over and we make each other moan. 👻🍆💦”
  • “The only treat I’m worried about getting in my sack tonight is you. 🍬🍬🍬”
  • “Let’s celebrate this year’s Halloween by dressing up in costumes and then staying in… bed.”

No Holds Barred Halloween


Ready to unleash your holiday sexting beast? Well then, here we go. Things are about to escalate quickly.

  • “Get over here so we can play the ghost game. It’s where we get under the sheets and you make me moan. 👻💦💦💦”
  • “Get over here right now and I’ll let you have a taste of MY pumpkin pie. 🎃😜”
  • “Fair warning, what I have planned for you tonight isn’t scary — but it will definitely make you scream. 😱💦💦💦”
  • “Something wicked is coming your way tonight... coming more than once, if you play your cards right. 😘”
  • “Happy Halloween. Wanna f**k? 😜”

Hey, sometimes the best policy is to just keep it real and direct — with a little sweet, seasonal spice added, of course. I guarantee that any of these messages will make for seriously happy Halloween.

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