15 Sexts To Send Your Partner When You’re Craving Them Badly

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Distance makes the heart grow fonder — and in some cases, hornier. Whether you and your partner are long-distance, or just busily entangled in the demands that come with adulting, the following sexts to send your partner when you miss them will come in handy. It's understandable that, along with your partner's laugh, their presence in your home, and their face IRL (not just through a screen), you miss their touch, too.

Sexting is an easy way to stoke your relationship's sexual flames when you're apart. And sure, exchanging nudes or lascivious pics with your boo can get the job done, but there's something special about exchanging words. Not knowing what they're going to say next can be so intimate and exhilarating. If you're yearning for your partner's touch, here are 15 sexts that'll let them know you're missing them badly.

For When You Just Miss The Sensual Moments

1. I miss all our naked cuddling.

2. I'm wearing your hoodie because I miss how you smell.

3. I can't wait to give you a sexy massage the next time I see you.

4. I'm so sad I'm here instead of snuggling you.

5. I really miss kissing you.

For When You're Horny On Main

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6. I'm still thinking about the last time we hooked up.

7. TBH, thinking about makes me so wet/hard.

8. I can't stop thinking about kissing you.

9. When was the last time you touched yourself?

10. I had a really hot dream about you last night... do you want to hear it?

For When You Want To Get Really Specific...

11. I miss sitting on your face.

12. Just thinking about your [body part of choice] makes my mouth water.

13. I'm thinking about this one time where we had really good sex. What's your favorite time that we've had sex?

14. I miss how you taste.

15. I can't wait to make you beg for it the next time I see you.

All a good sext really needs is honestly and detail. Let your partner know how badly you want them, so you can lay the groundwork for a super hot hookup next time you're together. And if you just can't wait? FaceTime sex.

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