15 Memes About Going To The Gym In January, Because TBH, We're All Walking Cliches

by Georgina Berbari

With the new year quickly approaching, it's officially the season of aggressively packed weight rooms and constantly crowded cardio machines. But even though the gym becomes a bit of a hassle to navigate come Jan. 1, many people stay strong and stick to their resolutions to get healthier and make those #gains. Still, it's that time of year now where we have the pleasure of enjoying all the many memes about going to the gym in January floating around on the internet. TBH, as much as I hate to admit it, these memes are as funny as they are relatable.

Seriously though, the amount of people who flock to the gym during the first couple of months of the new year makes me low-key worry that the building capacity is going to be exceeded and we're all going to casually suffocate.

I do, however, have loads of respect for everyone who is unraveling themselves from cozy comforter blanket burritos to brave the frigid outdoor temperatures for the sheer sake of hitting the weight room. That's dedication, fam.

So, whether you're a seasoned fitness fanatic and are simply continuing the grind come 2018, or you're honoring one of your new year's resolutions with a brand new workout routine, these memes about going to the gym during the first month of the year will feel like they're speaking straight to your soul.

When That Mischievous Inner Voice Comes Out To Play
blazepress on Twitter

Ah, the sacred Kermit meme. TBH, that dark hood on everyone's favorite frog will never, ever get old. Who's with me?

When You Create Your Own Kind Of Resistance Training
popsugarfitness on Twitter

Resistance training is technically defined as "muscular contraction that builds strength, anaerobic endurance, and size of skeletal muscles." But personally, I mean, I fully support this motion.

This is brilliant creativity at its finest, my friends.

When Cardio Feels Eerily Similar To Death
memeonearth on Twitter

I'm pretty sure that doing cardio after taking some time off for the holidays is what dying feels like. Can anyone confirm? I'm asking for a friend.

The friend is me. I am the friend.

When You Try To Stick To Your Resolution
darkironfitness on Twitter

The total body soreness from those 2018 fitness challenges is way too real. Personally, I'm taking this as a cue for a rest day (or three), but you do you, fam.

When A Meme Is Painfully Relatable
don_warden on Twitter

Honestly, I feel like the person who created this meme should win some kind of award. Are meme awards a thing?

I mean, this person definitely just turned every fitness enthusiast into a walking cliche, but I'm weirdly OK with it.

When An Actual Miracle Occurs
darkironfitness on Twitter

This happened to me once last January. I kind of freaked out for a second and thought I was hallucinating.

Nope, it turns out, dreams really do come true.

When You Just Want To Work Out In Peace
lepreas on Twitter

TBH, sometimes you just want to stick your headphones in and jam out to some Taylor Swift in peace, OK?! But hey, it's good to know that leg day is the ultimate "people repellent."

When French Fries Constantly Haunt You
jabber_king on Twitter

This shadow gives me the chills all over. Some days, McDonald's just has that otherworldly, magnetic pull over you. That secret sauce, though.

When "Resting Gym Face" Comes Out To Play
that_gym_girl on Twitter

If you thought resting b*tch face was a problem, you've clearly never experienced trying to approach someone with resting gym face.

It's like a cross between aggressive constipation, and when your mom asks you to do something for the seventh time. *Shudders*

When You Make A Funny Calorie Joke
98fit on Twitter

Why am I laughing so hard at this alone on my bed? I think I need an intervention.

When People Get A Little Too Judgmental
jennifertate_ on Twitter

Ugh, Always Sunny In Philadelphia is relatable as f*ck and for that, I worship it. Preach, Mac.

When Your Weekend Shenanigans Creep Up On You
jimmytreio on Twitter

One too many tequila shots over the weekend has the power to hit you like a damn truck come Monday morning. I'll just be over here creating my new workout program, don't mind me.

When You Can't Stop Buying Workout Clothes
nancy_fitness on Twitter

OK, if this narrator actually tried to recount the events of my life, I would probably punch him in the face — unless it was Morgan Freeman. In that case, we're all good. Freeman's my boy.

When You Realize Why The Gym Always Smells So Weird
98fit on Twitter

If you're a resident gym rat, you feel this on a spiritual level.

And if you're just starting your fitness journey come January, good luck out there.

When You Finally Convince Yourself To Trek To The Gym In The Snow
sapidmag on Twitter

OK, this meme definitely also deserves some kind of award. And I will now be sporting the "thick blanket look" the next time I hit up the weight room. Bless you, Twitter.