15 Last-Minute Travel Promises To Make With Your Friends Before Summer's Over

I know summer is going by a lot faster than you wanted, but thankfully, traveling is a year-round affair if you're dedicated to feeding your wanderlust. Throughout the season, you and your friends likely had more time to get around to seeing each other, but that doesn't mean the rest of the year has to be spent waiting for the warm weather to return. It's time to exchange last-minute travel promises to make with your friends before summer's over, so that you have some getaways to look forward to throughout the year.

Whether these are your high school friends or college friends, you know how busy life can get outside of summer. Investing this time in each other will be so worth it, and you know any time you guys get together, no matter the season, it's always super fun. These trips can be big or small; the point is that you guys are doing even the smallest bit of traveling with each other.

Are some of you in school or do you live in completely different cities? Both of those situations are prime opportunities for weekend trips. It sucks that summer is leaving all of us once again, but as long as you and your friends make these 15 travel promises together, it won't matter that summer is only a small portion of the year.

Plan An Epic Spring Break Together

Spring break is that first taste of sunshine and surf we look forward to after a long winter. Even if it isn't super sunny where you guys live, plan a vacation to Cabo or somewhere you know is going to be nice and toasty. It's spring break, so you should book your game plan early on.

Visit Each Other's Campuses In The Fall

Do you all go to different schools across the country? Visit each other's campus for a weekend. You'll love bringing your besties to the local hot spots and showing off your school pride at a sporting event.

Book A Dope Airbnb For One Of Your Birthdays

Is one of you celebrating a big birthday this year? Book an Airbnb in your favorite city, and celebrate together. Everyone deserves at least one extravagant birthday in their 20s, in my personal opinion.

Celebrate NYE In A City None Of You Have Been To

Have you ever watched the ball drop in New York City, or toasted your champagne flutes to a new year in Las Vegas (if you're 21 or older)? Check something spectacular off your bucket list, because it's time to go all out with your day ones.

Plan A Ski Weekend Trip In The Winter

Winter isn't so bad when you consider all of the cool sports you can do in the snow. A ski weekend with your girls and snuggling up with some hot cocoa will be so worth the cold weather. You've been longing to wear that cute new bubble jacket, anyway.

Visit Each Other's Apartments Sometime During The Year

OK, if college is a thing of the past, but you guys still don't live close to each other, plan a weekend trip. Show your friends how you're living in your new city. You can introduce them to the friends you've made there, and take them to the trendiest wine bars and cafes.

Agree To Go Back Home At The Same Time

If these are your high school friends, agree to be back home at the same time. To be honest, your hometown isn't complete without them. It'll be so fun hitting up your old stomping grounds together again.

Make Plans To Go Back To The Lake

Let's be real: You all had so much fun at the lake this summer, and it's too long to wait a whole year to go back and make more memories by the bonfire. In October, you guys should head back for a fall foliage trip. Cuddle up on the pier and hit up the local markets.

Book A Staycation In Your City Or Town

Do all of you live in the same town or city? Consider booking a staycation at that adorable bed and breakfast you've been wanting to check out. You ladies can relax, chill in the plush bathrobes, and savor the most delicious breakfast.

Stay In A Haunted Place Sometime In October

Forget a haunted attraction. There are "haunted" Airbnbs you guys can rent during the spooky month of October if you're down for the thrill. Book if you dare.

After Finals, Unplug And Camp Where The Wi-Fi Is Weak

Camping is such a beautiful way to unwind after finals. You don't need your phones to have a good time — just one another's company. Rough it in tents in the woods or stay at a glamping hotspot that's close to plenty of trails and scenic views.

Plan A Weekend At A Winery In The Spring

Yes, there are actually wineries where you can stay the entire weekend on the property. If all of you ladies are 21 or older, you can have yourselves a vacay filled with merlot and chardonnay. Sip back and relax. Get ready for the most amazing pictures with the vines as your backdrop.

Buy Tickets To A Concert In A City That's In The Middle

Music is unifying, isn't it? Your favorite band could be playing in a city that's between all of you guys. Link up there, and jam out to the best.

Go To Disneyland During The Holiday Season

Disneyland sure knows how to make the holidays even more magical. From the bright lights and themed food, to the parades and rides, you will have so much nostalgia all weekend. Don't forget to wear your matching Mickey Mouse ears.

Coordinate A Road Trip Before Summer's Over

Go out with a bang this summer and hit the open road with your girls. This would be such a sweet way to remember the end of yet another successful summer. Plan your route and get ready to cruise into the sunset.

Summer has to leave every year, but it doesn't have to take your desire to travel with it. Besides, your friendship isn't seasonal, and you'd face any kind of weather with your girls by your side.