15 Floral Picks For Spring That Actually *Are* Groundbreaking

When it comes to sartorial tropes that have been overdone to the point of exhaustion, floral prints for spring is most definitely one of them. Thanks to Miranda Priestly, the entire world knows that bud-studded patterns and fabrics are most definitely not groundbreaking and, according to her eye roll, they're boring old news. Call me crazy, but I beg to differ. Florals for spring is a thing for a reason. Do you sigh in disapproval when you see crocuses spreading their petals in the early days of spring each year? Do you scoff when cherry blossoms cover previously naked branches in frilly pink splendor? No, no you do not! Seeing — and wearing! — bright blooms is a sign of sunshine-filled days ahead, so bring on the flower power.

If you need proof that florals can feel cool and new, you only need to look to the below roundup of petal-fueled products. From skirts, dresses, and tops to shoes, hats, and bags, it includes everything you'll need to feel like a walking garden from head to toe. Pick your favorite pieces, arrange them into a wearable bouquet, and wait as the big bloom energy washes over you. I promise you'll feel fresh AF.

Bomb Dot Com

This camisole is perfect. It's lightweight and breezy and boasts a sweet appeal thanks to its floral print and bow, but it's powerful lettering stands out with a bang. Pair it with denim and a red lip for a super rad weekend look.

Daisy-ed & Confused

This dress is '90s in shape, '70s in print, and cool all the time. Pair it with white boots for an especially fresh look.

Split Personality

Leave it to Laura Ashley to absolutely nail a floral swimsuit. This monokini features two different blooming prints that work together seamlessly but still pack an unexpected punch.

Name Dropper

Yes, you can afford a Ganni bag! And it comes emblazoned with tiny yellow blooms. It's big enough to fit all of your necessities and would make for the perfect festival carryall. What's not to love?

It's Slit

Yes, more daisies, but look how cool they are! A mini skirt with a flirty slit? Sounds like a breezy date night dream piece.

Go Green

A glossy key lime background with miniature navy flowers? Why not! This is what I mean by fresh florals.

Round And Round

Scrunchies are back, so you might as well snag a floral one.

I'm Frilled

Print mixing at its best.

Night Bloomer

Who doesn't love a gorgeous bra? This one melds delicate lace with a soft flower print — it'll make for a beautiful addition to your lingerie drawer.

Mad Hatter

The most perfect festival hat there ever was — your friends will never lose you.

Growth Spurt

This is how you do florals the '80s way. Featuring a color-blocked pattern overlaid with bursting blooms, it's all kind of throwback cool.

Spring Steps

Who else wants confetti cake after looking at these sneakers?

To Get Technical

Master your flower charts with this retro tee.

Full Bloom

Forget about rose colored glasses — it's all about the blue ones!

Petals To The Metal

Another festival-perfect piece, this crop is studded with metal floral grommets for a sweet-meets-tough effect.