Corny texts make good flirty New Year's Eve texts to send your crush
15 Flirty New Year's Eve Texts To Send Your Crush If You Want A Midnight Kiss

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When you're single, New Year's Eve can feel like a game of musical chairs. As midnight nears, people start eyeing the person they hope to lock lips with, and when the ball drops, it's like the music has stopped. It's a mad scramble to find a partner to smooch, and if you're the odd person out, you have no choice but to remove yourself from the game. There's nothing wrong with being single for New Year's. But if you have your heart set on a midnight makeout, I've got some flirty New Year's Eve texts to send your crush, because there's no better night to take a risk.

Fun fact: English and German folklore suggested that sharing a kiss at midnight could be the start of a promising new romance. According to superstition, the person you interact with on New Year's Eve can set the tone for the whole year to come. They also believed that not kissing someone on New Year's meant you would spend the next 12 months unlucky in love. Of course, New Year's Eve kisses can just be for fun rather than a matter of fate. Here are some texts you can send to get that midnight liplock — and possibly a new love, too.

Funny Texts
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  • "Who has two lips and no one to kiss them tonight? 🙋‍♀️"
  • "Wanted: person to kiss at midnight. Previous experience required. No salary offered, but job comes with great benefits."
  • "I set up a kissing booth at [location]. You should come by at midnight. I'll let you cut to the front of the line."
  • "I need someone to kiss me at midnight or else I'll turn back into a pumpkin. Think you could help me out?"
  • "I accidentally left my midnight kiss at home. Would I be able to borrow one from you?"
Corny Texts
  • "Want to plant a garden at midnight? We can put your tulips and my tulips together."
  • "I lost my party horn. Will you give my lips something else to do when the ball drops?"
  • "Do you like cherries? Because that's my ChapStick flavor, and I'm happy to give you a taste."
  • "I bet my friends $20 that I could get the hottest person at this party to kiss me at midnight. Want to help me win $20?"
  • "Want to see some fireworks tonight? Because you might if you kiss me at midnight."
Cute Texts
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  • "My lips are feeling kind of lonely. Would you be able to keep them company later tonight?"
  • "Will you be my 🕛 💋?"
  • "Ow, I just bit my lip. Would you kiss it at midnight and make it all better?"
  • "I brought some Champagne to this party, but I think kissing you at midnight would taste even sweeter."
  • "My New Year's resolution is to finally tell my crush how I feel, and I want to get started right away. Meet me at midnight?"

If you want to ring in the new year with a kiss, why not try to get one from your crush? A New Year's smooch won't guarantee you a new relationship, but making a bold move can make you feel braver all year long.

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