15 Engagement Rings Like Jessica Clarke’s That Won’t Break The Bank

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Ben Higgins might not have gotten happily ever after he was seeking on his season of The Bachelor, but, as it turned out, his true fairytale romance was waiting just around the corner with his now-fiancée Jessica Clark. After months of Higgins dropping hints that a proposal might be coming soon, Clarke shared her good news on Instagram with photos of Higgins on one knee, popping the question. The only thing you might want more than a love story like theirs is an engagement ring like Jessica Clarke’s, because, wow, Higgins really did that.

According to ET News, Higgins had the ring custom made with the help of Gnat Jewelers in Denver, Colorado. It was based on the description Clarke had given him and her mother of what her dream ring would look like. The result was a stunning three-stone ring featuring an estimated 2.5 carat oval diamond, flanked by two half moon shaped diamonds and set in a yellow gold band. The ring is absolutely gorgeous, and Kathryn Money, SVP of merchandising and retail expansion for Brilliant Earth, estimated its value as being between $30,000 and $50,000. Not only is the style of ring eye catching, to say the least, but it’s also meaningful. According to Jewelry Wise, the three stones in the setting symbolize “past, present, and future” or “friendship, love, and fidelity," both beautiful sentiments for a couple embracing a lifelong commitment.


Since Clarke’s ring is custom made, you won’t be able to find one exactly like it for sale anywhere. However, if you're in the market for an engagement ring and want something similar, there are lots of amazing options available. Here are some three-stone engagement rings that are similar in style, but will fit just about any budget.

Moissanite Engagement Ring

One way to lower the price tag of an engagement ring without sacrificing any glitz is to opt for Moissanite over a diamond. Like diamond, Moissanite is a naturally occurring clear gemstone. It is almost as hard as diamond, and maintains its clarity and sparkle, making it an ideal alternative for an engagement ring.

This Moissanite ring features a 1.5 carat oval cut stone, surrounded by two half moons. It's available in white, yellow, and rose gold, as well as platinum palladium.

Oval Moissanite Engagement Ring Set
Blush Sapphire Engagement Ring

There’s no rule that says engagement rings need to feature a white gemstone, so why not mix it up with a gorgeous light peach pink sapphire? This oval sapphire is flanked by a Campari setting featuring two round and one pair of diamonds on each side.

Endless Days Oval Cut

If you love diamonds but don’t want the cost, or have concerns about ethical sourcing, consider a lab-created diamond. This ring features an oval cut center diamond between two baguette cut diamond accents.

Oval Yellow Sapphire & Diamond

For fans of canary diamonds, yellow sapphires are a gorgeous alternative at a fraction of the cost. This three-stone ring features a 1.95 carat oval brilliant cut sapphire between two diamonds.

Erica Ring

This dazzlingly three-stone ring features a 2 carat oval cut Moissanite stone, flanked by two pear cut Moissanite gems.

Jessica Ring

This is a great setting to create the three-stone ring of your dreams. Two lab-created pear shaped diamonds flank a basket setting to add the oval stone of your choosing.

Lab-Created Sapphire Opera Lab Diamond Ring

Diamonds aren’t the only lab-created gemstone options. If you want an ethically sourced stone, but would prefer a pop of color, this peach sapphire is the one to say “yes” to.

White Sapphire Oval And Moissanite Round Cut Ring

This dazzler features a 2 carat oval cut sapphire between six round cut Moissanite stones.

While Clarke’s ring is definitely for her hand only, these beautiful alternatives are surprisingly within reach.