Corny texts are great texts to send someone you met at a bar
15 Clever Texts To Send Someone You Met At A Bar

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Here are the three best things you can take home from a bar: your credit card, your dignity, and a phone number from a cutie. You may argue that taking the actual person home from the bar is preferable to just exchanging digits, but that all depends on what you're looking for. And since hitting it off with someone in a crowded bar isn't always easy (especially when a live band or tequila shots are involved), texting can give you an opportunity to make a real connection. If you need some clever texts to send someone you met at a bar, then I've got some ideas that are sure to get sparks flying.

Maybe you want to turn your bar meet-cute into a date. Maybe you just want to do a bit of flirting to see whether it was chemistry or your cocktail that caused you two to vibe. Since that bar cutie likely didn't catch all of your clever jokes over the sound of the bass, a great text convo will allow you to show off your personality (and maybe even take your relationship to the next level). Here are some witty texts to send if you want to keep that hottie's attention.

Funny Texts
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  • "Is this [their name] or [name that isn't theirs]? Sorry, I met so many cuties tonight that I can't keep you all straight!"
  • "Now that you have my number, how long should I expect it to take before you request me on Snapchat?"
  • "So, which emoji are you going to put next to my name in your phone?"
  • "Sorry I had to leave so early — we missed out on the opportunity for a dance floor make-out!"
  • "When am I going to get the chance to see if you're still hot when I'm not in a dark room?"
Corny Texts
  • "Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but you have my number, so let's go out maybe?"
  • "I finally realized why you looked so familiar. You look just like my next partner."
  • [Sent in two different messages] "I think you forgot something at the bar." "Me."
  • "Most of my friends call me [your name], but you can call me anytime."
  • [Sent in two different messages] "OMG, this hottie from the bar just gave me their number. I'm screaming." "Oh, how embarrassing. I meant to send that to my friend. But while I'm here, how's it going?"
Cute Texts
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  • "I can't wait for our date. By the way, when are you taking me on one?"
  • "If you can guess what my favorite restaurant is, I'll take you there for dinner."
  • "What should I wear on our date tomorrow? Oh, by the way, we're going on a date tomorrow."
  • "I'm trying to decide the best way to ask you out. Any ideas?"
  • "So. Do you miss me yet?"

Remember: It's possible that you two won't click over text, and that's OK. There's no harm in testing the waters, and if it works out, then you two will have a really cute how-we-met story to tell people later.