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10 Texts To Send Right After A Date To Keep The Conversation Going

by Ginny Hogan
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Did you just get back from a first date? I've gone on dozens of first dates, and let me tell you — the good ones are really good. I usually find it challenging to make conversation with people I don't know, so when the chatter flows seamlessly, I'm delighted. I also like to keep up the banter after the date is done, so I've spent some time brainstorming texts to send right after a date that can help the conversation transition naturally. After all, if you had chemistry in person, there's likely more to talk about over text.

Sending texts right after a date can be tricky. If it's an earlier date, you may not know what their relationship to their phone is like or how they choose to communicate. Not everyone likes texting, but some people love it, and these are all things you'll likely discover as the relationship progresses. No matter where the two of you stand on texting, these messages can help you stay in touch until your next date. Whether you're a fan of long essays or short, quippy texts, enjoy the textual chemistry.

Read on to find 10 texts to send right after a date that will keep the conversation going.

"Last Night Was So Fun!"

This is an oldie but a goodie. Letting them know you had a good time can be great way to keep the chat going. They won't have to worry about whether or not you're interested, so they'll feel comfortable continuing to talk to you.

"Did Your Roommate/Boss/Friend End Up..."

If the two of you bonded over something going on in their life, you can follow up the next day to see if the event they were worried about played out. This shows you were listening to them, and that you're interested in being a part of their life.

"How's Work Going?"

You can always check in with them (if they were headed to work the next day) to see how their day is going. This establishes that the two of you chat outside of IRL-time, which can be helpful for keeping up the momentum.

"Just Had The Longest Commute, How Was Yours?"

Commute complaints are universal. Not everyone has one, but everyone knows the frustration of wanting to be somewhere and arriving slowly, so everyone can relate. If your date has a commute, they'll be grateful for the chance to vent. It's a perfect way to expand upon what the two of you talked about.

"What'd You Have For Lunch?"

You might still be in the getting-to-know-you phase of courtship, and asking fun questions like this one can be the perfect way to carry on. I personally love talking about food, so I'm always happy for the chance to share (info, not food. The food is mine).

"Still Laughing About..."

The two of you probably shared some laughs, so here's your chance to remind them of how fun and funny you are! And maybe your memory of the joke last night will bring a smile to their face.

"I Loved That Movie, Next Time We Should..."

This type of text makes clear that you want there to be a next time, and that you're already thinking of ways to make it memorable. This will also allow the two of you to continue bonding over shared interests and a desire to explore.

"I Just Saw This Article"

If the two of you talked about anything going on in the news or pop culture, you might see something that reminds you of the convo (or you might Google something, which is also totally normal and something I've done a million times). Let them know you care about the issues they care about, and send them some content that could be relevant!

"Thought This Would Make You Laugh"

The world of memes, funny tweets, and hilarious videos is ever-expanding. There's no shortage of silly Internet links to send someone, so keep the chat screen open by letting them know what makes you laugh and sharing that joy with them.

"Can't Wait Until Next Time"

This is ideal if you don't love texting or you have reasons for wanting to be on your phone less (not that you need a reason). It's short, sweet, and clear, so they'll know you're dying to see them IRL.

Sending texts after a date can be challenging because you may still be learning how they like to communicate. If you really enjoyed the conversation and you want it to keep going, try sending one of these 10 texts. And enjoy the chat! Getting to know a new potential love interest can be so, so fun.

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