15 B-Day Sexts To Send Your Partner That’ll Make Them Want To Unwrap You

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There are plenty of birthday traditions to help you celebrate your partner's big day, like singing happy birthday, blowing out candles, and, of course, presents. There's one tradition you could add to the list, one that will make your partner's birthday different from all the rest. This year, why not try spicing things up by kicking off their day (or night) with a special message to let them know just how much you want them in addition to loving them? Having a few birthday sexts to send your partner handy in your drafts app can really take their special day to the next level — and will likely result in you getting a very generous, ahem, present from them on their birthday too.

If sexting isn't your usual thing, then coming up with something on the fly can be tricky. No worries, here are some festive and feisty text ideas to help inspire you.

1. Happy birthday! I can't wait to give you your present tonight. Spoiler it’s me.

2. Here’s a sneak peek at your birthday cakes tonight! [With a booty shot.]

3. First you blow out the candles. Then I'll blow out yours. 🎂

4. Happy birthday, babe! I hope you're ready for your birthday spanking tonight. 👏

5. I hope you don't get tired of opening gifts today, because there'll be something extra-special for you to unwrap later.

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6. I made you a birthday cake, but I'm not sure what to do with this extra frosting. I'm sure we'll think of something.

7. Is it true that some things get better with age? I say we find out tonight.

8. I'm going to give you one kiss for every year old you are. They won't all be on your lips.

9. Tonight I'm going to make all your birthday wishes come true in the bedroom, so get creative!

10. I got you a layer cake for your birthday... that’s code for me on top of you. 😜

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11. I know we have to dress up for dinner, but how about after we both change into our birthday suits?

12. Here's your first birthday gift. They only get better from here! [Send sexy selfie.]

13. Just so you know, I'm wearing a party hat in honor of your birthday... and nothing else.

14. What'd you wish for when you blew out your candles? I hope it was me naked, because that's what you're getting!

15. How about I serve you breakfast in bed for your birthday? The main course is me.

Now this is how you make sure your partner has a very happy and oh-so-hot birthday this year. It just might become your new favorite birthday tradition.