15 Best Things About Summer That You Need To Be Reminded Of Right Now

Even if summer isn't your favorite season, you have to give it major props for all of the dope activities that come along with it. Aside from the sun being on its best and brightest behavior, there are so many things that only feel right during this time of year. You're used to the season coming and going within the blink of an eye, which makes it easy to overlook the best things about summer.

Lucky for you, I've compiled an entire list of things you probably still do or have slightly forgotten about. Maybe you've lost touch with how yummy those two scoops of chocolate ice cream taste on the pier at sunset, or how picturesque a pinstripe swimsuit is against the ocean. Either way, you need to be reminded of the little gems that truly make summer the grandest time of year. Seriously though, why can't summer be a year-round season? I'm sure spring, winter, and fall would understand.

Aside from the activities we can participate in, summer naturally makes you feel so relaxed and optimistic. Looking out the window only to find the sun shining back at you is super uplifting, and it makes you want to conquer the world. Summer is where it's at, and these 15 things are solid proof it seriously rocks.

Bonfires On The Beach

There's something so relaxing about chilling at the beach all day long and getting cozy by a bonfire at night. With good company and the crashing waves as your playlist, you're bound to make the greatest memories. Oh, and let's not forget those delicious s'mores.

Colorful Boardwalks And Piers

So many people flock to the boardwalks and piers during the summer. Whether they're eating on the patios, relaxing with an ice cream cone in hand on a bench, or weaving their skateboards in and out of the crowds, you're so here for it. You can't deny the shared love for being near the beach.

Daisy Dukes For Days

Oh, shorts. Wearing shorts almost every day of the summer might sound simple, but it brings so much satisfaction. Plus, a cute pair of denim shorts pairs perfectly with just about every top in your wardrobe. It's a win-win.

Eating Ice Cream On The Regular

Ice cream is so much more enjoyable when you're enjoying it outside. No matter what flavor you like, it's refreshing AF when you're under that beautiful sunshine with your favorite scoop. The picture opportunities are endless, too.

Spontaneous Road Trips

You're ready to get up and go when summer hits. The second someone in your squad comes up with a fun plan, you're game for it. The wanderlust this time of year is all too real.

Living In Your Swimsuit On The Weekend

When the weather is warm, you're ready to dive into the deep blue at the drop of a dime. And thanks to bathing suits, your weekend outfits are set in the summer.

Nostalgic Drive-In Movies

Oh, the drive-in. You don't have to be a cinema fanatic to truly appreciate an old fashioned drive-in movie. Whether you're on a date or going solo, cruising up to a film with your favorite snacks is such a highlight of this time of year.

Watermelon Slices To Cool Down

Maybe it's because we've been enjoying this delicious snack since we were kids, but the seasons calls for fruit salad. I think we can all agree there's nothing quite like a refreshing slice of watermelon to cool off on a hot summer afternoon.

Riding The Highway With The Windows Rolled Down

Cruising down a scenic highway with the top down is an experience you never really forget. Summer is about embracing those carefree vibes, and in this case, letting that breeze flow through your hair is necessary. If you haven't already, you deserve a convertible ride at some point in your life.

Sunsets That Melt Your Heart

I'm pretty sure summer sunsets started the whole #nofilter trend. They don't need them, because those beautifully blended hues are naturally perfect on their own.

Floating Into The Weekend On A Unicorn Float

Floating into the weekend got a major upgrade with the pool floaty trend. Lucky for you, there are so many cute ones to add to your collection (because you can never have too many pool floats for your selfies).

Hitting Up The Lake

Summer is a surefire sign to bring out the jet skis and head to the lake. You need to be reminded of this staple summer activity, because it has almost been a full year since you were there last. Well, it's time to start packing the Jeep and rounding up the squad for a fun-filled weekend.

Water Balloon Fights

How p*ssed off would someone be if you threw a water balloon at them with their scarf and trench coat on? Extremely. In the summer, a water balloon fight is so much fun, even if it's unexpected.

Music Festivals

Live music has a certain zest to it when it occurs outside in the summer. Blame it on the vitamin D or natural good vibes flowing throughout. A festival is an amazing excuse to be hangin' in the sunshine with your besties, and you hop at the chance every time.

State Fairs

You know you're already daydreaming about all of the yummy foods you can snag at the state fair. That cotton candy that's bigger than your head is almost as photogenic as your polka dot sundress, so be sure to bring your camera.

Summer is almost here, and it's time to remember all of the things that make it so worthwhile. Don't think too long, or the season will pass you by.