14 Things To Do On A Long Weekend That Don't Involve Drinking

Long weekends are seriously a blessing, and they don't come around super often. But when they do happen, you may find yourself struggling to decide on how to make the most of your time off. It's often easier to stick with what you usually do on any 'ole weekend instead of venturing into new territory. If you're 21 and up, going out and drinking might typically be one of your plans of choice. There's nothing wrong with going out and drinking at your fave spots with your fave people, as long as you're responsible about it. But if you want to try something different from your usual plan and spend your money elsewhere, there are a ton of things to do on long weekends without drinking.

If you want to get creative with your crew, think about what you've always wanted to do and start making a bucket list. That's one of the easiest ways epic plans are made. Also, you actually have an extra day to do these things, so take advantage of that.

Anything that is done with alcohol can also easily be done without it. Think of all the money you might be saving! Even if you're more of a homebody, some of these activities may still be right up your alley.

Head To A Museum

Each city features an impressive variety of unique museums and specialty exhibits. Sometimes there are so many, it feels like your bucket list keeps getting longer without you ever seeming to crack a dent in it.

Start checking off your list so that you can see some new, interesting things over your next long weekend. It's a great place where you can venture alone with some friends and make some irreplaceable memories.

Go To The Movies

It may be a bit more common to purchase a movie at home or Netflix and chill. But with a ton of spectacular movies still only in theaters, why not hit up the cinema?

Sit in a comfy as hell seat, order some buttery popcorn, and really live in the overall experience. Despite being around forever, it's still a plan that's fun on any day, but especially when it's during a long weekend.

Go Somewhere In Your City You've Never Visited

Even if you live in a smaller town, there has to be something you've never done, and this is the perfect time to do it! Whether that's visiting a restaurant you've been eyeing or exploring a neighborhood you've always wanted to snap some pics of, a long weekend calls for this kind of plan. Maybe you'll even stumble upon some hidden gems you never knew you needed in your life.

Go To An Arcade Or Laser Tag

Arcades are fun, but arcades with laser tag are even more fun. This is something that will give you a workout, fill you with so much joy, and bring out your competitive side (so be careful). It's all good fun and not something you probably get to do all the time, so why not go for it?

Go To A Candy Bar Instead Of A Real Bar

When you don't want to get wasted, why not get chocolate wasted? Candy is a cure-all and really hits the spot. Places like Dylan's Candy Bar or Sugar Factory are great and serve all types of alcohol-free treats.

Get Tickets To A Concert Or Play

The drinks at theaters are often really expensive, so you'll be deterred from drinking here for just that point alone. Get tickets to see a little-known musical or go to a stand-up comedy show. You may even be able to score day-of tickets to bigger productions. It's so worth it!

Go Ice-Skating

Always a good go-to, ice skating is fun and often hilarious. It's great to do in pairs, but can be great with a group of your besties as well. Even if you live in a warmer place (lucky you), there are tons of indoor rinks. Don't forget to make a pit stop for some hot cocoa.

Get Your Nails Done

It's always a great self-care moment when you get your nails done. You can splurge and do gel or acrylic, or you can get a standard mani, but your hands with thank you. I love doing this alone, but it's also fun to make a girls' day out of it, too.

Go To A Fun Restaurant

Whether with a bae or with your main ladies, checking out a new restaurant always makes for a solid experience. You can try themed places like Rainforest Cafe (which is not just for kids) or Hard Rock Cafe.

Head somewhere that has singing or skating waiters, or you can just hit up your favorite restaurant. I'm sure you already have many cool spots on your bucket list that are calling your name.

Embrace The Spotlight At Karaoke

Whether it's in the comfort of your home or you go out with friends to do it, karaoke is so much fun. You'll pull out some showstoppers and have a fabulous time. Show tunes? Rap classics? Throwbacks? The possibilities are endless, and you can do any of them or all of them if you channel your inner superstar.

Have A 24-Hour Movie Streaming Fest

During a regular week, you're most likely working, and once the weekends come around, you may not be able to give your undivided attention to a movie marathon. When you have even just one extra day, it's totally OK to just lay in bed and plow through a season (or a few). No one's going to judge you, and it's perfect if you don't want to talk to anyone for 24 hours.

Decorate Or Organize Your Apartment

This is especially fun if you've been putting it off, but accessorizing your place (even just adding some much-needed accents) is so relaxing. You can also just catch up on your cleaning and laundry. Your space will be feeling super fresh in no time.

Try A New Workout Class

Having a longer weekend gives you more time to test out some new workout classes. Whether you sign up for a hot yoga session or head to Soul Cycle with your ladies, you'll feel so rejuvenated afterwards.

Try A New Recipe

Even if you cook all the time, try a recipe you've been dying to attempt. If it's your favorite dish but super labor-intensive, this weekend is the perfect time to do it.

If you can't cook or don't have much experience in the kitchen? A long weekend is also a great time to learn something new. You can also always opt for chocolate chip slice-and-bake cookies for your movie marathon.