14 Things That Are Making Your Early 20s Struggle City, But Really Shouldn't Be

Your 20s is just like that new amusement park ride you were so stoked to get on, until you realized the drop was way steeper than you initially anticipated. The struggles in your early 20s will shape you, but not before they try to catch you off guard and bring you down. It's your job to take matters in your own hands, and show those struggles who's boss.

A good portion of the struggles you're experiencing are likely self-made, because you might have lost sight of who matters most in the equation of your life — you. This is your life, after all, and it is what you make of it.

If you're constantly repeating, "The struggle is so real," on a daily basis, you are more than likely allowing unnecessary struggles to linger. We've all been there, and this is just the beginning of the journey that is our 20s.

Your entire 20s is a learning process, but instead of pulling an all-nighter to learn the curriculum, you've got an entire decade. In other words, you will always be a student in this course called life. You need to cut out these 14 unnecessary struggles ASAP that are only holding you back.

Overthinking The Future

The future is always going to be there. Every single day you are living a future that you were scared of yesterday. Everything turned out just fine, didn't it? Let the future do what it does from afar, and you just enjoy the ride in the present.

Comparing Yourself To Other People

People are accomplishing their own bucket list goals and dreams in their 20s, and that's a really great thing. You shouldn't be keeping score, though. Everyone's on their own path, and you don't need to have this or that done by a certain age. You do you, girlfriend.

Being Hesitant To Say "No" To Plans

The struggle of agreeing to things all of the time can be fixed by one simple word: "No." You add so much unnecessary stress to your life when you agree to plans you really aren't about. Hop on the "no" bandwagon, and cut the excess stress from your life.

Not Making Time For An Essential Self-Care Day

There's this weird assumption that your early 20s should be all work and no play because you'll never be that driven again. Well, that's how you burn out by the time you hit your quarter-life. Find a day or even a few hours to tend to yourself each week, because it will make all of the difference.

Being Too Proud To Ask For Advice

You may feel like you have to do everything on your own, because technically, you're an adult. You are always going to need advice and guidance on things, because the truth is, you don't know everything! Put your pride aside and don't sleep on going to your loved ones for solid advice when you need it the most.

Letting Snarky Comments Crush Your Vibe

Words can hurt, but you can't let someone's misuse of them totally obliterate your mood. People are always going to have unkind things to say, but you need to keep pushing forward. Don't let their bad vibes crush your good vibes, because that was their intention all along — and they don't deserve to win.

Entertaining Drama And All Of Its BS

Oh, drama. It's fun to watch it go down on our favorite shows, but when it's playing out in real life, it is such a waste of time. Detaching yourself from drama will save you the headaches, and it will keep you focused on things that really matter.

Following Your Parents Dreams And Not Your Own

In your early 20s, you may have just left the nest, but the aspirations your parents have for you have packed their bags and followed you on your journey. You don't want to let them down, but it's such a disservice to yourself not to pursue your own dreams. They'll understand, eventually.

Overbooking Your Schedule

Time can seem so evading when you're stretching yourself super thin. Don't lose that drive to get things done, but try managing your schedule in a way that doesn't have you all over the place. Time management is the real MVP.

Settling For A Friend Group That's Just Holding You Back

Your friends should be seeds, not weeds. They should be growing with you throughout this exciting chapter of your life. I mean, you don't want them acting totally brand new, but they should definitely be adding exciting elements to your life.

Repeating The Same Daily Routine And Never Switching It Up

Breaking from your daily routine can feel super invigorating. When you feel trapped in an inescapable routine, it's stressful as heck. Step out of line a bit, and it'll be the best thing you'll ever do.

Apologizing For Things That You Really Shouldn't

When you continuously apologize for things that you shouldn't be apologizing for, it'll turn into a cycle. Not apologizing doesn't make you insincere; it makes you conscious of what is really worth your "I'm sorry's."

Staying In An Apartment You Aren't Happy In

Whether it's your roommates or the location — you might not be happy with your apartment. Your living space has such a huge affect on your mood. Make adjustments however you can, but you deserve to be content and at peace in your home.

Putting Other People's Feelings Before Your Own

It's OK to be considerate and acknowledge other people's feelings, but it shouldn't be at the expense of ignoring your own. Keeping things all bottled up inside isn't healthy, and you're not being fair to yourself. It's not selfish to put your feelings first.

Your early 20s will serve as a blueprint to how your adulting identity starts. You deserve to live your life to the fullest, so ditch these struggles as soon as possible.