'Schitt's Creek'-Inspired Graduation Party Ideas
14 'Schitt's Creek'-Inspired Grad Party Ideas, So You "Remember The Experience"

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Oh Schitt, you just graduated. Now is the time to celebrate, and what better way to do it than with your fave family, the Roses? Throw on your fave wig and turn up "A Little Bit Alexis," because it's time to start planning your celebration with some Schitt's Creek-inspired graduation party ideas. Just like Alexis, wherever you're off to next, you're really loving this journey for yourself. Before you move on to the next chapter, party it up with your best friends and family.

Since Schitt's Creek is your fave show and it helped you laugh through your final semester, you need to have a party inspired by it all. Make over your space so it looks like the Rosebud Motel or Mutt's barn during Moira's birthday party, and serve up some dishes tastier than what you'd find at Café Tropical. If you're 21 and up, you could even have some of that Herb Ertlinger Fruit Wine. You'll definitely "remember the experience" with the right party plans in place, so get inspired with these 14 Schitt's Creek-themed graduation party ideas that are "simply the best." From the decor to the party favors and even the snack menu, the Rose family has got you covered. All you need to do is toss your cap, dance it out, and say, "Yay," because you did it.

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Hang Up A 'Schitt's Creek' Banner

Decor is essential in order to get your Schitt's Creek theme across. Set up a table for food and drinks in one corner, and hang up this Schitt's Creek graduation banner over it. Not only will it get the theme immediately come to life, but it's punny and cute as well.

Serve Up Some Family Recipe Enchiladas

It wouldn't be a Schitt's Creek party without the infamous Rose family enchiladas. You know, the ones that require you to "fold in the cheese" to make them. Don't worry, you can easily find a much simpler enchilada recipe on YouTube to follow than trying to follow Moira's steps.

Decorate Your Grad Cap

A lot of graduates like to decorate their caps for the big day. If you decide to decorate yours, put it on display at the party for even more decor. You might be able to find some inspiration on Pinterest for a Schitt's Creek-inspired graduation cap. You can also just get some letter stickers ($5, Michaels) from the craft store and spell out your fave Schitt's Creek quote on your cap.

Make A Playlist With "A Little Bit" Of Fun

Every party needs a party playlist. Put together a Spotify playlist with your fave songs to dance to, but also include "A Little Bit Alexis" so you can have your moment on the dance floor. Tina Tuner's "The Best" also needs to be on there as well as "Baby I'm Yours," which is the song the Jazzagals sang at Alexis' graduation.

Get A 'Schitt's Creek' Card For All Your Guests To Sign

While a Schitt's Creek graduation card is a great gift to get your besties or to receive, it's also a great idea to set one out for your guests to sign. Leave it on a table near the front door, so people can sign it as they enter or leave. Every who shows up can leave their "best wishes" and "warmest regards" for you to cherish forever.

Make An Instagrammable Photo Wall

What's a party nowadays without a photo booth for Instas? Set up a corner of your party space or decorate an entire wall just for snapping pics in front of. You could even make it a wig wall like Moira's and people can put on different wigs for the photos.

Have Some Rose Apothecary DIY Products

For some DIY fun, have some Rose Apothecary Body Milk for your guests to take home as a party favor. Make individual mini jars ($1, Michaels) of body milk (lotion) that your friends can add whatever essential oils ($13, Etsy) they want to for their own unique scent.

Have Some "Love This Journey" Decor

You can never have too much decor, and Alexis' quote "Love that journey for me" really fits the vibe of graduating. After all, you really love this journey for yourself, so get this Schitt's Creek cake topper ($13, Etsy) to either put on top of your graduation cake or to set up at your snack table. There's also this banner ($17, Etsy) that you can string along a wall.

Have Some Fruit Wine Cocktails

Have a Schitt's Creek-themed cocktail menu with signature drinks inspired by your fave characters. Of course, you need to serve up some fruit wine cocktails, like a Moira sangria or a Herb Ertlinger fruit wine spritzer. You could even serve your drinks with some "ew, David" straw toppers ($6, Etsy).

Have Everyone Come Dressed Like Their Fave Character

Everyone invited should show up dressed as their fave character. It could be as simple as wearing a black and white sweater ($32, Etsy) with glasses for David or an extravagant wig ($17, Party City) for Moira. There are so many great characters to choose from, so your friends can really have fun picking out their outfits. Just don't forget to get a group pic of everyone in their lewks.

Treat Your Friends To 'Schitt's Creek' Manicures

For more fun, set up a table in the corner of the party for your friends to get Schitt's Creek-inspired manicures. Along with an array of nail polish colors, have some cute Schitt's Creek nail decals ($7, Etsy) for your friends to use. This could even be where you have the DIY Rose Apothecary Body Milk, so your guests can really treat themselves.

Get A "Happy Day" Cake

Alexis' graduation was the same day as David's birthday, so their parents got them a cake to celebrate. Unfortunately, it was a last minute thing, so the cake hilariously said "Happy Day Alex and Davis" instead. You know you need a similar cake on your graduation day, so make a homemade "Happy Day" sheet cake for yourself.

A Folded In Cheese Plate

Another snack idea is to have an Insta-worthy cheese plate. Reference the iconic "fold in the cheese" scene by having it all laid out on a "fold in the cheese" board ($26, Etsy). You could even have some "fold in the cheese" knives ($22, Etsy) for your soft cheeses and spreads.

Ivan's Cinnamon Buns For Motel Guests Only

For a sweet treat, serve up some cinnamon buns inspired by Ivan's that are served at the Rosebud Motel's continental breakfast. Follow TikToker @aligracemorsell's cinnamon roll recipe for a homemade batch that's delicious. Set them out on your snack table with a sign that says, "For Rosebud Motel Guests Only."