Alexis Rose sits at her graduation ceremony in an episode of 'Schitt's Creek.'
These 'Schitt's Creek'-Inspired Graduation Cards On Etsy Send Your "Best Wishes"

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Your best friend, sibling, or other little bébé is graduating and entering a new chapter of their lives, and it's "simply the best." Even though they might have told you not to tune into the livestream of the ceremony, you're so ready to see them walk across the stage, toss their Alexis Rose-inspired graduation cap, and show off their diploma on social media. You plan on getting them cupcakes, flowers, and one of these Schitt's Creek-inspired graduation cards on Etsy to celebrate.

As a true Schitt's Creek fan, you know they'd appreciate a card with one of David's iconic quotes on it, over one that simply says "Good luck!" or "You did it!" While those are lovely sentiments, a Schitt's Creek-inspired graduation card is more personal and funny, and will really set the tone for your graduate's next "journey." When they open it, they may tear up like Alexis did at her high school graduation, when Moira surprised her with a Jazzagals performance. Or they may laugh out loud as they read the words in Moira's unhinged accent.

Both Schitt's Creek and graduation have a way of sparking joy and happy tears. So, you truly can't wrong with any of these Schitt's Creek-inspired graduation cards on Etsy. Pick one to send "best wishes" the graduate's way.

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This Card Is Ready For A Party

First up is this David Rose graduation card ($5, Etsy) that's so ready for a party — maybe in Mutt's barn! On the front, David wears his iconic sunglasses and lightning bolt sweater, as well as a graduation cap. The words read, "I feel like that needs to be celebrated," in regards to your graduate's graduation. (Um, duh! Fire up the barbecue, Mr. Rose.)

This Card Is A Hilarious Goodbye To School

Alexis says, "Ew, David," too many times to count throughout Schitt's Creek. However, this Schitt's Creek card ($7, Etsy) may be the first time she says, "Ew, school." Alexis really made the most of her education, and seemed to love studying business and public relations. Either way, this card says a hilarious goodbye to late-night study sessions and book reports.

This Card Is Filled With Sentimentality

In the final episode of Schitt's Creek, Moira tears up while she officiates David and Patrick's wedding. She says to Johnny as they're walking out of the town hall that the event wasn't the time for sentimentality, in a truly sarcastic moment.

This Moira Rose card ($6, Etsy) is a sweet ode to that episode and line, and will make any graduate feel #blessed by Moira.

This Card Is A Little Bit Alexis

Your graduate is a Lamborghini, walking across the stage with style and ease. They're a Hollywood star, posing with their new diploma for the endless cameras in the audience. For that very reason, you need to get them this Schitt's Creek card ($5, Etsy) that's "a little bit Alexis." Just be warned, they may break out in dance after receiving it.

This Card Is For Celebrating Your Bébé

If your graduate is your younger sibling, child, or simply a big fan of Moira, look no further than this card that celebrates the graduation bébé. This "Congratulations Bébé" card ($3, Etsy) is a great keepsake, and can easily be printed at home. You won't have to wait for it to ship and arrive at your door.

This Card Is All About Your Graduate's Journey

Is your graduate going off to college next? We love that journey for them, and so does Alexis. This Alexis card ($6, Etsy) not only captures her go-for-it attitude and funny hand motions, but is also so encouraging. It can be hung up in your graduate's dorm room on their first day at their new school.

This Card Is Covered In Roses

Graduating high school, college, graduate school, or an online program is a major accomplishment. It takes a lot of work, and shows the world that your graduate is ready for anything. This Schitt's Creek card ($5, Etsy) is covered in the Roses, and has a hilarious pun as well. Most importantly, it hypes up your grad.

This Card Is A Super Sweet Gesture

In the "Open Mic" episode, Patrick serenades David, and sings an acoustic version of "Simply The Best" by Tina Turner. That sweet gesture is captured in this graduation card ($5, Etsy). If you're celebrating an SO who adores Schitt's Creek, this would be a great card to get them.

This Card Is A Fan Of Fruit Wine

A college graduate who's 21 and over may love being on the receiving end of this Moira card ($6, Etsy). You could pair it with a bottle of wine or a fruit basket. Of course, you could always pair it with a bottle of fruit wine — but Moira doesn't seem to be a major fan of it.

This Card Is Sending Its Best Wishes

Last but not least is this "Best Wishes, Warmest Regards" card ($6, Etsy) that's extra supportive. While Stevie and David often will say this sarcastically in Schitt's Creek, it's still a wonderful sentiment for a graduate. It reminds them that you're hoping for the best for them, no matter what journey they go on next.

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