14 Date Ideas For Music Lovers That Don't Include An Acoustic Cover of "Wonderwall"

OK, this may be a "me-thing," but I will Iron Maiden-style Run To The Hills when I see a straight cis man with an acoustic guitar. If they are shirtless, I will jump in the nearest body of water. I play music, I love music, and I do look for creative compatibility within a partnership, but send me overboard if some scrub suggests we go to a concert or "jam" on our first date. If you're into those ideas by all means, have at it! Don't let my cynical personal preferences keep ya down. But if you're in the market for some date ideas for music lovers that don't involve watching your potential boo play Jack Johnson covers, look no further.

If you play music, work in "the industry" (lol), or just love to rock, it may be important for you to date someone with similar interests. Of course, you don't always need to match your boo, and dating someone who can support you and your passions can be just as fulfilling as dating someone who shares your skillset.

These creative date ideas are sure to crescendo the heat for music lovers and people lovers alike.

See a cover band.
Liberty Hair Farm on YouTube

I personally have no time for people my age doing acoustic covers, but I have endless time for people my dad's age doing covers with big amps, on a stage. From The Post-Modern Lovers to Fleetwood Mock, there are no shortage of good, bad, and hilarious cover bands.

Get Worldly!

If you and your boo are interested in tunes from around the globe, hit up a Dancehall night, a salsa night, or a cool world music concert. Often local churches, community centers, or cultural festivals will have amazing lineups fill of good music and good food.

Go to a record store.

Or a local music shop! These are normally cute little shops owned by cool people. If nothing else, you probably can mack on the cashier.

Find a dive bar with a jukebox.

Throw in a dime (more like a dollar), and fill the room with your favorite tunes. Dive bars are dark, sexy, and normally pretty affordable. Have a cheap semi-warm beer, play some pool, wear tight pants, and pretend you're in the musical Grease.

Go dancing!

If you love music, you probably love to dance. Check out local dance clubs to see if there's a decades night coming up or DJ that you're into.

Thrift for records and old band tees.

If you're into music, you may be on the artsy side and like the finer things, such as used clothes and kitchenware. Hit up a vintage shop, a thrift shop, or a Goodwill to scrounge for records or band tees.

Personal note: Ninety percent of my first dates, I suggest going to a thrift shop. It's in the day time. It's fun to have an activity. And it gives you a constant excuse to have some space, "Oh I'm gunna look over here" or "I'm gunna go try these on!" Also, you can see if your boo is down with touching pre-used things, like me and vintage Levi's.

Play around at guitar center.

No matter if you're a musician or a music lover, Guitar Center is so fun. You can play all the drums, guitars, ukuleles, basses, and synths that your heart desires.

Go to the symphony.

Often times local symphonies will sell the tickets they haven't sold yet an hour before the show for super cheap. They're called "Rush Seats" and they're normally in banging spots. Call ahead to see! It is so fun to get a drink (or three) and then go to the symphony with a date. Everyone else there will be your grandparents age and wearing fancy clothes.


If you and your boo are fearless and fun, go do karaoke. Someone's karaoke song says so much about them. Might as well peer into their soul on a date.

My go-tos: anything by the Dixie Chicks, Thirteen by Big Star, Cruisin by Smokey Robinson, and anything off the The Big Chill soundtrack.

Go to a jazz club or a decades bar.

A jazz club or a themed bar can be a cool way to hear some music without going to an overpriced hipster bar with a lo fi band that you don't need to hear to know how they sound playing.

Take a community art class.

Getting your hands dirty in clay or paint or fiber arts can be a fun way to get some creative juices flowing (also some art classes are BYOB, so you can get some other liquids flowing as you make your masterpieces.) If you're both musicians or into music, tapping into other art forms can be a cool experience, and may inspire some later songwriting.

Go to a museum.

If you're into music, you may be interested in other cultural things like art, history, or human relationships. These days, there's a museum for everything. From sex to breakups, to music and art. Seeing how someone navigates a museum can also provide some insight in who they are. Do they read the info? Ask for a map? Do they interact with the exhibits? Are they texting the whole time?

Watch a cool movie.

Cool taste in music can mean cool taste in other media. Watch a cool movie or hit up the local independent theatre. There are millions of cool documentaries about music through the ages, different genres, and specific artists. Heck, even watch a musical if that's what you're into.

Watch Rock of Love Season 1, 2, or 3!

Of course, loving music can also mean you love trash TV (hi). Something like the crown jewel that is Rock of Love with Bret Michaels from glam band Poison, combines: Ed Hardy, scripted TV, women power, and rock n' roll, all in one roof.

Of course, coffee or a drink after dinner can work too. Though people in punk bands may be bad at texting, general communication, and expressing their feelings in a productive way — music lovers are in fact just people. So if you're crushin' on a drummer or got your eye on a composer, ask them to a cute jazz bar or a local record shop! You may both be singing love songs by the end.