This Wine & Paint Your Pet Class Is Exactly What Your Girls' Night Needs

One of the best classes to ever be created is the sip and paint. You combine your love for wine and love for the arts, all in one sit-down. These classes are so worth it, and you will enjoy taking one with a group of your favorite ladies. The best wine and paint classes vary, which is cool because you and your girls will have options.

They can be themed, have an awesome BYOB policy, or be lead by an instructor who really keeps you focused, entertained, and helps you out. Sipping wine and painting sounds so simple, but that's exactly what makes it so relaxing. No one's judging the next painter, and those subtle clinks of wine glasses break those silences between sips — because whatever is in your glass is just so damn good.

No two classes are ever really the same, because you're either painting something different or encountering new people. As long as there's wine, though, you don't leave much room for complaining. If you haven't already been to one, definitely consider making it a girls' night out kind of thing. Don't sleep on the good stuff, because the best classes are seriously only a sip and brushstroke away.

Paint Pottery Instead Of A Canvas
glaze_fire on Twitter

It doesn't matter if you're new to this. Crave adventure and innovation right out the gate and head over to Glaze Fire in Los Feliz, California. It's BYOB, and you get to paint on pottery instead of a blank canvas. Choose from 350 shapes and start creating your masterpiece. You all will come up with such different works of art, and they'll all be so beautiful.

Nude Model Figure Painting
bottlebottega on Twitter

Things might get a bit interesting, but it's all in good fun. You can book your own private class with Bottle & Bottega. Bring a few bottles of wine, and get ready to really try and capture the human form. And if you get nervous, just try to imagine everyone is in their underpants. Well, all of them except one, that is.

Paint Your Pet And Create A Masterpiece
fwfprescue on Twitter

The Paint Place in New York just went there. Not only is their studio BYOB, but in this unique class you get to paint a portrait of your sweet pet. Paint Your Pet classes couldn't get any better for a proud dog mom or animal owner in general. Not the best painter? Don't worry, because this class welcomes people of all levels.

Explore Your Options At Painting With A Twist
pwathoustonmid on Twitter

Remember how no two sip and paint classes should always mirror each other? Painting with a Twist has locations all over the nation and will surely emphasize that. They have so many classes, it seemed unfair to pick just one to highlight. Gather your girls and enjoy priced beer, wine, and soft drinks from inside the studio. Sorry, no BYOB.

Be "Unarthodox" At This Sip And Paint
Unarthodox on YouTube

Take your sip and paint wanderlust to Chelsea in New York. Feeling the need to be elegant and mysterious? Unarthodox has got the feelin' yourself element maxed out. Everyone gets to create something different, so you can feel super unique when you're placing this painting on your wall at home. Don't forget to bring your wine!

It's All In The Design
wndcburg on Twitter

Wine & Design can be tailored to fulfill your girls' night out needs. On their calendar, find classes like Divalicious or Tipsy Tentacles. Again, having options is a must, because even if you frequent the same place, you aren't forced to take the same class that you did before. There are also a variety of studios for you to choose from.

Head To Huntington Beach

Corks and Canvas Painting is located in Orange County — and if you have never been there before, you'll love the scenery. The cool part about these classes is that they are usually held in local venues in the area. So, you not only get to paint a masterpiece, but you also get to explore a new neck of the woods.

Wine and paint events are the perfect cure for your want to hang out with your girls and to try something new. Don't be surprised if you start making this a monthly meet up tradition.