14 Iconic TV & Movie Friendships That You & Your Bestie Can Always Relate To

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As a kid, I was glued to my TV screen and always watching Nickelodeon and TGIF on ABC. Shows like Boy Meets World, Hey Arnold!, and even Gossip Girl taught me a lot of things I needed to know about life, and showed me what it's like to have an epic best friendship. You and your bestie may even have your own favorite crew from a show or movie that you compare yourselves to all the time. Looking back, some of the best TV and movie friendships can make you feel that instant nostalgia.

I highly recommend getting your friends together to re-watch some of those shows and movies from your childhood that you miss the most. It's the perfect plan for a chill Friday night spent at home. (Just don't forget the popcorn and essential throwback treats like Gushers and Ring Pops.)

Watching any of these 14 shows or movies will instantly take you back in time, and give you guys fresh ideas for new friendship adventures. You could give each other makeovers like Dionne and Cher from Clueless, or come up with your own handshake like Arnold and Gerald. It might also inspire you to come up with your own bestie traditions — because after all, your friendship is one-of-a-kind.

Cory, Topanga, And Shawn From 'Boy Meets World'

Even though Topanga and Cory were MFEO, she knew that Cory and Shawn were true forever friends. That's what made this trio an unstoppable squad all the way to Girl Meets World.

Rory And Lane From 'Gilmore Girls'

Rory and Lane were great friends because they always kept each other's secrets. Lane had an entire CD collection stashed under her floorboards, and Rory never let it slip. Plus, they kept their BFF status even when Rory went off to Chilton, proving to all of us that distance has nothing on true best friends.

Harry, Ron, And Hermione From 'Harry Potter'

These three went through so much together. In addition to all of the defeating Voldemort stuff, Harry, Ron, and Hermione were BFF goals. They helped each other out in school, and even cracked jokes along the way.

Roberta, Teeny, Samantha, And Chrissy From 'Now And Then'

The movie Now and Then was so much of an inspiration to me that I always dreamed of having a summer adventure with my squad. This friendship truly stood the test of time, and it was all because of that one summer. Let this movie inspire you to take an epic road trip with your friends to strengthen your bond.

Meredith And Cristina From 'Grey's Anatomy'

Meredith and Cristina were the BFFs who coined the title "your person." They also showed us how to dance it out when we really needed to. Some friends come and go, but a Meredith and Cristina kind of friendship is forever.

Serena And Blair From 'Gossip Girl'

There was a lot of drama between Serena and Blair throughout the years, but that's what comes with the world of Gossip Girl. Despite it all, these friends always made up and came back together. They were true soul sisters.

Peyton And Brooke From 'One Tree Hill'

Peyton and Brooke also went through their fair share of drama — but like Blair and Serena, this duo always dealt with the curveballs and made up, too. They taught you and your bestie the important rule of never letting a crush get in the middle of you.

The Crew From 'Friends'

Could this crew of friends be any more iconic? The friends from Friends made you want to live in NYC with your besties. They also gave you a ton of amazing inside jokes, and made you want to find a place like Central Perk with your bestie to claim as your own.

Arnold And Gerald From 'Hey Arnold'

If only I could be as cool as Arnold and Gerald from Hey Arnold. Let's be honest: They definitely inspired you and your BFF to try and come up with the best nicknames and handshakes.

Dionne And Cher From 'Clueless'

Growing up, you wanted to raid Dionne and Cher's trendy closets on the regular. They consistently made you want to have a makeover Friday night with your bestie, too. Though, fashion aside, these best friends were always there for each other, which is what's most important.

Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, And Samantha From 'Sex And The City'

The Sex and the City ladies are the epitome of #SquadGoals. You and your crew might still be trying to determine who is the Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha in the group. They inspired a generation of besties to go to trendy spots for brunch, make fashion statements, and sip cosmos in the city.

Abbi And Ilana From 'Broad City'

Abbi and Ilana love each other so much. They are each other's "frond to the ond." I'll miss seeing them on TV, but luckily, I can re-watch the show from the beginning whenever I want.

Leslie And Ann From 'Parks And Recreation'

I don't think I've ever heard another person talk about their best friend the way that Leslie talks about Ann. But let's get real: You agree that your bestie is also a "poetic and noble land-mermaid."

The Squad From 'Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants'

I learned what a true sisterhood was like from this amazing movie. You and your besties also wanted to find a magical pair of pants — or something similar — that you could all share and bring on your adventures. Though, you don't need the pants to know how special these humans are to you.

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