Young man feeding his girlfriend while they eating fast food on the ground in the city
14 Affordable But Adorable Ways To Celebrate Valentine's Day, Because You Can't Put A Price On Love


If the winter holidays drained both your energy levels and your checking account, gearing up for Valentine's Day can seem stressful. Yet, with a little preplanning, finding some affordable ways to celebrate Valentine's Day can be the best method to totally rock Feb. 14. While movies or TV shows may depict ritzy dinners in expensive places or floral arrangements that look like the Jumanji jungle has taken over the office, Valentine's Day is really about love.

Keeping your V-Day plans on a budget doesn't mean being stingy on thought, care, or sexiness. Affordable dates can be sentimental, gooey, and super fun. Whether you're planning an adorable movie night with matching pajamas, amazing snacks, and a blanket fort, or making each other homemade presents, (like Monica and Chandler), there are plenty of cute ways to be be money mindful when you celebrate Feb. 14. Telling your partner how you feel doesn't need to cost a fortune, and sharing a special Valentine's Day with them can be really cute (and yes, still really cheap).

If you and your boo are looking for some affordable and adorable ways to celebrate Valentine's Day, look no further. Here are 14 ways to celebrate Cupid's birthday on a budget.

Scavenger Hunt

With a little preplanning, a scavenger hunt can be a cheap or free way to show your boo you care. Leaving cute notes or reasons why you love them around their apartment, or even their favorite places in town is a really thoughtful and fun way to ring in V-Day.

Thrift Shop Finds

Decide on an amount like $1.00, $5.00, or $10.00, and compete to see who can get the best present at a thrift shop. Whether you score a vintage gem or find a sentimental or funny knick-knack, you and your boo can have fun running around a cute shop and balling on a budget.

Dollar Menu Date

Go to your favorite fast food place and wreck havoc on the dollar menu. Try a little of everything, and set up a fancy plate setting at home. If you're up for it, hit up a couple different places and do some fast food tapas with your boo.

List It Out

Write lists about your boo. Read the lists to each other for ultimate awww. Some ideas are: Why you like them, your favorite things they do, sexy things you want to do with them, why you're happy you got together.

Flower Power

Valentine's Day is a flower-packed holiday. Yet, the florist can cost a fortune. Hit up a grocery store to score some pretty plants on a budget. If there's a Trader Joe's near you, you can get some major blooms on a budget, and also some good snacks.

Movie Night

Snuggle up and watch a movie together. Make a pillow fort, put on your jammies, and hang out together for a cute night in. Pick a cute movie, a funny movie, or a sexy movie to get you in the mood.

Dive Bar Babes

Hit up a local dive bar for drink specials and pool. Rather than expensive bottles or pink cocktails, get some cheap beers and hangout by the jukebox.

D.I.Y. Spa

Spas and massages can be super sexy, but also super pricey. Make your own face masks and give each other some homemade massages, with essential oils (you can get them at Walmart.) Taking time to touch each other and do some major #selfcare together can be a sexy and fun way to spend Cupid's birthday.

Turn Up The Heat

Cook a nice meal together! If you and your boo are foodies, turn up the heat in the kitchen, before hitting the bedroom. You can find some major recipes on a budget and make some amazing meals. Grubhub who?

Snail Mail

If you were wondering, a postal stamp currently costs 49 cents. Send some cute cards in the mail a few days before Feb. 14, and shower you boo with old-school love letters and postcards that come directly to their house. Sending a love letter, or even a little package can be way cheaper than getting flowers or candies delivered.

Stay In Bed

Sleep in late or get to bed early, and celebrate the new year by snuggling up or getting frisky. Having a bed-bound date is sexy and silly and also quite affordable.

Make it Steamy

Take a sexy shower or bath together. Whether you splurge a little on some Lush bath bombs, or make some homemade bath products, spending some sexy time in the water is frisky and fun.

Revamp Children's Party

Laser tag for two, hitting an arcade, or going to a mid-day movie can be fun active dates that don't cost too much. Save up your quarters and whoop your boo at skee-ball then celebrate your win with some some soft pretzels and slushies.

Have A Sexy Fashion Show (With Clothes You Already Own)

Can't decide on an outfit? You don't need to! Pull some hot outfits together and play some sultry tunes and have a sexy fashion show for your boo. Have fun getting all dressed up, before getting dressed down.

Celebrating Valentine's Day with your boo doesn't need to mean major splurging. From thrift shops to dive bars to writing love notes, there are plenty of cheap (or even free) ways to make Feb. 14 special. When it comes to Valentine's Day, all that matters is having fun with your boo — and that's priceless.