13 Worst Gifts For Guys, According To Actual Guys

Whenever I start dating someone new, I'll make an effort to add personal details they share with me to the notes section of their contact card on my phone. This might sound like an elaborate thing to do but it's actually pretty genius. For example, I've used this trick in the past to surprise a new boyfriend with lunch at his office. I got him Chipotle and nailed his very specific order because I'd saved it after one of our first times there. I've found that this is also a good way to avoid getting some of the worst gifts for guys just because you don't know them very well.

Any time they mention liking or wanting something, simply type a quick note on your phone and revisit it when it's time to go gift-shopping. Seriously, I used this tactic with a guy I dated for four years and I still have leftover gift ideas from him on my phone. I'm fairly certain these guys wish their partners would have done the same. They confirm that these are the worst gifts they have ever received.

Not exactly the superhero collectible guys line up for.

Flash Gordon tights.

- Leroy, 26

I'm not sure most guys would agree that this is a terrible gift. Maybe the location ruined it?

Parking lot blowjob. Granted it's one of the only gifts I've ever received from a partner...

- Will, 21

OK, this is definitely the worst.

Getting nothing on my birthday.

- Dylan, 23

See, this is why it's important to pay attention.

A V-neck T-shirt, because I don't wear V-neck T-shirts.

- Phil, 22

This guy is not a fan of sentimental gifts, obviously.

A promise ring from an ex after like 3 months of dating. We broke up shortly after that.

- Al, 25

I kind of love how savage this is.

My girlfriend asked me if I wanted to see Mamma Mia. I said no. A few months later I got Mamma Mia tickets for my birthday.

- BootyWhiteMan

OK, now this, I get.

A bad blowjob.

- Devin, 24

It's universally understood that this is a bad gift idea, no?


- Keonie, 26

To go with the socks, no doubt.

A pair of clown shoes. I used to wear a lot of brightly colored shoes so she got them as a joke.

- Chris, 22

That's... something.

I got a pair of sunglasses once that made me look like a bumble bee.

- Marco, 24

This might actually be worse than getting nothing.

A birthday card. Two months after my actual birthday.

- Shaq, 22

Sheldon Cooper was right. The foundation of gift-giving is reciprocity.

Not the worst, but comparing her gift to me — four Moscow Mule cups — to my gift for her — an all-expenses paid trip to Costa Rica... I would have to say it was the shittiest gift.

- Ben, 26

Oh, so guys do want those back. Oops.

My own hoody that my gf took from me.

- drewmatic305

From poor clothing choices to unspectacular oral sex, these are the gifts that guys appreciate the least. Evidently, a bad gift could bring about the end of a relationship and that's just an awkward story to tell. If you're not sure what to get that special guy in your life, maybe just ask him what he wants. Or pay attention to what he likes to do, places he likes to visit, series he binges on Netflix, and topics he brings up on dates; there are clues everywhere.

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