13 Tweets Urging Vanessa Hudgens To Break Free & Reunite With Zac Efron

Bob Riha Jr/Archive Photos/Getty Images

Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler have yet to publicly comment on their reported split, but the internet is already looking for the start of something new — or should I say, the start of something old. Twitter has plenty of advice to offer maybe-newly-single Hudgens, and here's the gist of it: Stick to the stuff you know, and by stuff you know, they mean her ex and former High School Musical costar, Zac Efron. The Disney darlings have been broken up for nearly a decade, but these tweets about Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron dating prove that fans really want these two to work this out.

Typically, once in a lifetime means there's no second chance. Hudgens and Efron dated for five years, and while they were fabulous together, the chance of these two rekindling things right here, right now seems pretty slim to me. But who knows — perhaps Efron still is Hudgens' fairy tale. According to E! News, their 2010 split was amicable and a mutual decision, and even as recently as April 2019, Hudgens said she was "grateful" to have dated her costar. If these tweets demonstrate anything, it's that fans want Zanessa round two, and they're all in this together.

This Fan Who Can't Choose And Is So Confused

I don't know where to go, what's the right team. Honestly, deciding between Vaustin and Zanessa is something of a Sophie's choice.

This Fan Who Finally Found What They've Been Looking For

"Thought Vanessa was alone with no one to hold, but Zac was always right beside her." — This person, probably.

This Fan Who's Bopping To The Top

Zanessa stans have worked their tails off everyday to bump the competition, and it seems that hustle has finally paid off.

This Fan Who's Soaring, Flying

Is Zac reenacting this iconic scene from High School Musical 2 right now? Maybe not. But this happy fan probably is.

There's Not A Star In Heaven This Fan Can't Reach

Hard same.

This Fan Who's Got Their Head In The Game

Hey, Zac, you lose 100% percent of the shots you don't take, so don't be afraid to shoot the outside "J."

This Fan Who Wants The Start Of Something New

IMO, telling someone "you are the music in me" is a pretty decent pickup line.

This Fan Whose Dreams Are Coming True

What time is it? Zanessa time. That's right, say it loud.

This Fan Who Knows It's Now Or Never

"Getting ready for the night of nights, the night of nights, all right." — Zac singing to himself while getting ready to go to Vanessa's house.

This Fan Who Thinks Zanessa Is Just Getting Started

Just saying, if Zac Efron showed up at my door in a tux, I wouldn't turn him away.

This Fan Who Can't Take Their Eyes Off Of Zanessa

"We've got to work, work, to work this out. We'll make things right, the sun will shine." — Zac to Vanessa, in this fan's dreams.

This Fan Who Isn't Ready To Walk Away

If watching Zanessa videos at 4 a.m. is wrong, then I don't want to be right.

This Fan Who Wants It All

Are fans going to root for a Vanessa-Zac reconciliation no matter how unlikely? You can bet on it.

Personally, I'm not quite ready to move on from Hudgens and Butler — especially considering the fact that these two have yet to comment on their relationship status themselves. But still, there's nothing wrong with wishful thinking, and I don't know about you guys, but I'm suddenly down for an HSM marathon.