Women Reveal The Random Things They Never Expected To Be Attracted To

I don't want to speak for all women here, but I'd argue that ladies are way more attracted to subtle actions and gestures than sweeping declarations of affection or chivalry. Like, forget covering a bed in rose petals, people. Just pick me up when you hug me or give me a little squeeze around the waist, and I'm putty in your hands (almost literally). I'm guessing most people would be pretty surprised to hear all of the little, random things that turn women on.

Being physically attracted to someone is step one, but once you've established that, there are a million easy-peasy ways that someone can capture a girl's attention and get her going. I mean, I'm still drooling a little just thinking about how a fellow I met last week ruffled my bangs and then bopped me on the nose. (It was just so tender and sexy and cute, you know?)

Beyond nose-bopping and bangs-ruffling, it's not hard to give a girl goosebumps. Everything from a quick wink to the way you eat a chocolate chip cookie can have her feeling ~warm for your form.~ Here's a list of just 13 things people do that drive women wild in the best possible sense. And, like, is it just me, or is it getting kind of hot in here?

Is anyone else suddenly craving a chocolate chip cookie?

Watching him bite into a warm cookie where the chocolate chips are melting, leaving melted chocolate on his lips and making you think about what it would be like to lick it off.

— Sarah*, 24

Wow is right.

I think it's incredibly sexy when a guy loosens his tie and/or rolls up the sleeves of his white button down. Yeah, wow...


Ah, yes. The classic hair-scruffing.

When a guy runs his hands through his hair and kind of scruffs it up a little.

— Alyssa, 24

Passion is sexy.

It's not really random, but I love it when guys start talking about their hobby or interest and they get really passionate and their face lights up and they look so genuinely happy.


Getting down to business is pretty sexy, too.

Wearing a perfectly tailored suit and putting his hand in the pocket while talking business.

— Vicki*, 24

Waking up does take dedication.

When he gets out of bed the first time his alarm goes off. I'm always like, 'Dang, how do you do that? That's dedication. I'm going to hit snooze six more times...'

— Tori, 23

Who doesn't love a good grunt, I guess?

I love it when he crouches under the table trying to plug/unplug something from the computer or TV while making grunting sounds. Makes me wanna smack his butt.


That wink, though. (And also free things.)

Handing you any kind of free food or beverage and saying, 'This one's on the house' with a wink.

— Michelle*, 24

Mhm. Same, girl.

Breath on my neck, whispering in my ear — that always gets my heart racing. Playing with my hair and the back of my neck is a surefire way to make me shiver uncontrollably as well.


A little nibble goes a long way.

I love a little lip nibble in the middle of a kiss.

— Trixie*, 24

A simple look with some solid eye contact can do the trick.

At a party or other social gathering, you separate from each other and enjoy the venue, but make periodical cross-room eye contact (knowing he's always thinking of you is a turn-on).


The Clark Kent-vibe is key.

Seeing men who usually wear contacts or don't use glasses regularly wearing them.


Smelling delicious never hurts.

Wearing a delicious cologne, so anything he says or does is naturally hotter because you just want to be on top of him to smell him better.

— Emily, 25

Excuse me while I take a cold shower...

*Names have been changed. Some quotes have been edited and condensed for clarity.

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