14 Non-Sexual Things That Make A Man Hot AF To Women

by Gigi Engle
William Blanton

Gentleman (or the ladies who are reading this so you can send it your boyfriends), how are you doing today? Do you ever think, "What turns my gorgeous girlfriend (booty call? IDK) on?"

Well, as cute as your butt looks when we catch a glimpse on your way into the shower, and as much as we love a straight-up click on our lady buttons, there are OTHER things that turn us on. Like things that may not even seem like they'd be turn-ons. We're complex, OK?

I could write a book on the complicated female libido and its magical intricacies. But here are 14 of the main things that turn women on, that have nothing to do with sex. THIS is the holy grail of what makes a man hot AF to a woman.

1. When he watches you do your hair

When I'm throwing my hair into a messy bun and he's just watching me adoringly, it is so cute. It makes me want to pounce. Ugh.

And when he comes over and kisses my neck once my hair is up? RAVAGE MY BODY NOW.

2. When he snuggles you into his nook

You know the spot. The nook right inside of his arm, where you can rest your hair on his chest. To me, cuddling is the best thing in the world. Nothing is more wonderful than being wrapped up in a hot man's arms.

3. When he gets something down from a high shelf

I'm not a damsel-in-distress kind of gal, but I am a short-ish one. And when I can't reach something and my man reaches up to help me, I melt. I love knowing there's someone there to take care of those tiny hassles. He also looks banging on his toes, with his sexy abs peeking from under his shirt.

Is it hot in here or is it just me?

4. When he's looking tasty AF in the morning

Tell me a sleepy boy, with sleepy hair, sleepy eyes and a cute, little sleepy smile is not the most delicious thing ever. I go from exhausted to having a lady-boner in a matter of seconds.

I literally just took my sweater off. PHEW.

5. When he's smart

A guy's brain is so much hotter than anything else. When a guy can keep up with me, is naturally witty AF and can provide a solid counterargument like he didn't even have to think about it, it is almost too much for my libido to handle. A smart man is a hot man.

6. When he's funny

If you want to have sex with me, you better make me laugh until I pee. Like all the time.

7. When he holds a baby

Be still, my ovaries. When I see a man hold a baby, I just want to stop taking my goddamn birth control. LOL, JK. Kind of.

When a man holds a baby, the first thing I think is, "That's how he's going to look holding OUR babies." Sorry, I'm crazy, and you men made me this way. Get over it.

Aleksandra Jankovic

8. When he's wearing a white T-shirt

Or a black T-shirt, or a button-up. When a man is wearing something that a) shows off his arms and chest and/or b) looks dressed up, I'm going to be DTF. A man who takes pride in his appearance is just plain sexy.

9. When he prefers you without makeup

I can't get enough of a guy who thinks I look more beautiful without makeup on. It means he likes me just the way I am.

In a world where we're constantly told we need to hide our flaws behind layer upon layer of foundation and eyeliner, it's wonderful to hear that the one person who actually matters thinks I'm gorgeous no matter what.

10. When he's ranting about something he's super passionate about

A passionate man is a man a girl wants to hump. Plain and simple. Ambition, drive and work ethic are turn-ons. Listening to my man go on a wild tangent about something he really loves reflects his multifaceted, multidimensional personality.

And when he rants to me about his interests, it means he's opening up to me. I LOVE that.

11. When he knows what you're passionate about

Likewise, when a guy not only knows what I'm passionate about but also actually cares about my passions, that's enough to make my panties wet without even touching me. GUYS! Listening is SEXY. IT WILL GET YOU MORE SEX.

Jovo Jovanovic

12. When he actually cares about looking good for you

I'm so sick of the dad bod. Luckily, it looks like we're moving more toward the mentality that caring about your body is actually NECESSARY for men. Guys, if you expect us to look good, you need to look good, too.

I'm not saying I want some oiled-up gym rat, I just want a guy who takes pride in his physical health as opposed to one who expects me to spend two hours a day in the gym while he eats chicken wings and watches football.


13. When he opens a jar we just cannot manage

I know we're strong, independent women and everything, but when a guy opens a jar I just can't open, I am done. I'm already on edge because I'm pissed I'm so physically weak. When he opens that sh*t, I'm immediately just like, “RAVISH ME NOW, YOU STRONG, SEXY MAN.

And thank you for opening the pasta sauce, also.

14. When he cooks

A man who can cook is a man who is going to score more ass. It's just the truth. In fact, couples that cook together have sexier, healthier relationships. Men, it's hot when you open a jar for me, but when you know what to do with the contents of that jar, you're going to learn the contents of my sexy imaginations.

OK, you know what to do now. Go forth and prosper, guys.