13 Real Struggles Every Traveler Deals With Getting To Their Destination

When the wanderlust is calling, you can't wait to hop on a plane or jump in the car and travel to beautiful destinations. Of course, it looks fab on your Instagram when you document the trip, but what people aren't seeing are the struggles every traveler deals with getting to their destination. I mean, can we just talk about how stressful it is navigating endless lines of security at the airport? Don't even get me started on stuffing your carry-on in the overhead compartment on a packed plane, and sitting next to a seatmate who's a total armrest hog (#selfish). Sure, some journeys can be incredible, but there are always a few bumps along the way.

As annoying as these 13 struggles are, they happen to the best of us. You likely have a few tips for dealing with some of them by now. That's not going to stop the inevitable squirming in your seat to find a comfy position to sleep in, but at least you know to not let it get you down. And when you finally do make it to your destination, the Insta-worthy sights you'll see will soon have you forgetting all of those hurdles you went through along the way to get there.

When Everyone's Bag Looks The Exact Same At Baggage Claim

Even when you tried to get a unique travel bag, there will always be someone with an identical bag to yours. You thought adding a neon ribbon would make yours one-of-a-kind, but nope. You will always have that awkward interaction with someone else as you both walk up to your bag on the baggage claim belt thinking it's yours.

The Fear Of Using The Airplane Bathroom

Oh, the agony. You went before you boarded the plane, and hoped you wouldn't have to use the bathroom at all during the flight, but when you have to go, you have to go.

Not only do you have to ask everyone in your row to get up if you're sitting by the window, but then there's the awkward waiting in the aisle when both bathrooms are occupied. Finally, when you do get in there, you're amazed to see the world's smallest bathroom ever, and hope you don't fall into the toilet.

When Your Seatmate Falls Asleep On Your Shoulder

Oh no — you start to see your seatmate's head bob up and down as they are drifting off to dreamland. You know the inevitable is coming. Their head is about to fall right on your shoulder. You try to avoid it, but it always comes. Now, you're left with the dilemma of waking them up, or just slowly pushing their head off of you without disturbing them.

The Annoying Person Behind You Kicking Your Seat

When you're sitting in your seat, there's literally nothing scarier than seeing a family of six coming down the aisle towards you. You cross your fingers hoping they aren't behind you, but it inevitably happens. Not only do you have a kid behind your seat, but an antsy one who keeps kicking and playing with the tray table.

Either You're Way Too Early, Or Rushing To Your Gate

Most of the time, even an expert traveler doesn't know how to perfectly time getting to the airport. You might either be too early or too late.

I like to air on the side of being early so I can get a snack, go to the bathroom, and not have to worry, but even then, I always end up so early that I have time for an entire meal. One day, we'll figure it out.

Wanting To Put Your Seat Back, But Not Wanting To Be "That Person"

I'm convinced that airplane seats were designed to be the most uncomfortable things on the face of the planet. When the plane lifts off, you're secretly wanting to push your seat back, but you don't want to be "that person." Though, I wish we could all agree to just sit back. We'd all be much more comfortable if we did.

Just Trying To Get Comfortable Enough To PTFO

Whether you're in the car or on a plane, trying to sleep comfortably is an impossible task while sitting down. Why can't all seats just be cozy beds with fluffy pillows? No matter how comfy your travel pillow is, there is no perfect position to sleep in.

Waking Up With Neck Pain From How You Fell Asleep

If you're so tired, even the most uncomfortable position likely won't stop you from getting some much-needed rest, though, you will wake up with some serious neck pain. That's the risk you take for getting some shuteye.

Fighting For Overhead Space

For most airlines, the rules are one carry-on bag to place in the overhead compartment, and one personal item to store underneath your seat. Seems pretty clear, right? Well, if a lot of people opt for carry-on bags over checked luggage, it becomes a Hunger Games-like race to try and secure yourself some room over your seat. All I can say is, "May the odds be ever in your favor."

People Crowded Around Your Gate To Board

When it's about time to board your plane, you'll start to notice everyone hovering around the gate. No matter how many announcements are made to not do it, people will start getting antsy and lining up. When they call your row, you better be quick to get a good spot in line.

Even Though You're A Security Line Expert, Almost Everyone Around You Will Not Be

As someone who's traveled a lot, you know exactly what to expect in the security line. You're prepared with your laptop out and your shoes off. You could zoom past if it was just you, but unfortunately, it's not. You will always end up behind a large family, or someone who's never flown before. You just have to take this time to practice your patience.

Airport Food Will Drain Your Wallet

You've budgeted out your vacation so it's not super expensive, but having to buy snacks at the airport will always throw off every plan you had in place. Who knew a simple iced coffee could cost an arm and a leg? First, they make you throw out your water. Now, they're making you spend $20 on a new one. That's how they get you. You win this time, airport.

You Need A Literal Vacation Getting To Your Vacation

Thank goodness you have relaxation in your near future, because you'll be exhausted from traveling. The combination of having to get up early to catch flights and beat traffic, plus not being able to get comfy on the way, makes for a one very sleepy traveler. Honestly, it's too much work, and teleportation needs to be a real thing ASAP.