13 Red Flags In Someone's Apartment That Are Big Deal Breakers, As Told By Real Women


It can be really hard to see any red flags during the first few dates with someone, especially if you like them a lot. People are also often on their best behavior during these dates, so they probably aren't going to be super quick to let you know they hate animals or worship the devil when the sun goes down. But as you get closer, one of the best ways to get a glimpse of who they really are is to check out their home. In a recent Reddit thread, women shared some red flags in someone's apartment that you should look for the first time you come over. Check them out, and consider yourselves warned.

Their bed isn't made.


They own some questionable books.


Their bathroom is disgusting.


Their refrigerator is filled with junk.


They don't put their dirty laundry in the hamper... and dead bodies, in general.


They don't have anything personal on display.


They don't have anything beyond the bare essentials.


They have some other chick's products lying around.


They don't have a bed frame.


They keep things a little too clean.


They put no effort into their bedding.


They have some... concerning paraphernalia.


They're geographically undesirable?


Of course, keep in mind that something that may seem concerning to you might not seem concerning to someone else and vice versa. Who knows? One person's red flag might be another person's treasure!

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