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13 Movies To Watch On Netflix Thanksgiving Weekend Everyone In Your Family Will Love

Thanksgiving really is one of the most underrated holidays we've got. People always talk about how they love Halloween or Christmas, but the thing about both of those holidays is that they involve moving. On Thanksgiving, all you have to do is stuff your face with turkey and then pass out on a couch — perfect holiday! The only thing you really have to worry about is what to watch while you digest all those mashed potatoes, and I'm here to make that a little easier. Here are some Netflix movie suggestions perfect for Thanksgiving this year.

1. Moonrise Kingdom (2012)

Something about Wes Anderson movies just gives me such a Thanksgiving vibe — it's probably that they all seem to be set in some sort of perma-autumn. That autumnal charm, combined with an adorable young love story and campsite adventure, make this oft-forgotten gem the perfect Turkey Day flick that the entire family will enjoy.

2. Pocahontas (1995)

Although I still think Thanksgiving is the greatest holiday, it has a pretty gruesome history dating back to when the European pilgrims first met the Native Americans. Obviously, Pocahontas is a Disney-fied version of a love story from around this time, but it's still a great, family friendly choice for a Thanksgiving movie, to remember part of where the holiday came from in the first place.

3. Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey (1993)

Okay, no shade to whatever movies you grew up with as a kid, but Homeward Bound is the greatest childhood movie of all time and I just got so happy when I found out that it's available on Netflix! The early-'90s wilderness adventure movie about two dogs and a cat trying to find their way home is a beloved classic among millennials, and will also be a hit among children and adults alike.


4. Adventures in Babysitting (1987)

Another great throwback filled with both adventure and comedy for the whole family, this cult classic is the perfect selection for this year after the huge resurgence of '80s nostalgia that everyone's still riding high on after Stranger Things.

5. Zootopia (2016)

Thanksgiving is also a great time to check out some recent releases you may have missed, like last year's great animated flick Zootopia. The movie is obviously perfect for children, but its whip-smart jokes, homage to detective noir films, and timely message of acceptance and overturning stereotypes will hit home for adults as well.

6. Captain America: Civil War (2016)

Or if you're more into the superhero scene, last year's big Marvel team-up is also streamable on Netflix right now. There's nothing like watching Captain America beat up Iron Man to get you in the mood for another slice of pumpkin pie.

7. Dead Poets Society (1989)

It's been just over three years since we lost Robin Williams, but the wound still feels fresh. One of the late actor's most beloved films is available for everyone on Netflix, and the inspiring story of a passionate English teacher is guaranteed to touch the hearts of everyone in your family.


8. Chicken Run (2000)

This is a movie about Thanksgiving, right? Except with chickens instead of turkeys, I guess. The stop-motion comedy from the team behind Wallace and Gromit is basically made for Turkey Day, although I guess it might be a little troubling to watch all these birds trying to escape being butchered after you just chowed down on a turkey.

9. Best in Show (2000)

Nothing says Thanksgiving like family dysfunction, and this hilarious cult mockumentary is full of weird, funny relationships. Oh, and lots of dogs.

10. Field of Dreams (1989)

Here's a beloved classic that's been proven to steal the hearts of young and old alike for years. This baseball movie is also a great alternative to watching sports on TV this year, if football isn't really your thing.

11. Moana (2017)

Have you seen Moana yet? Have you? Why not!? Watch it! And make your family watch it, too.


12. 13 Going on 30 (2004)

I just realized I haven't included any rom-coms on this list, which is honestly not acceptable at all. Thankfully, the best rom-com ever made (yeah, I said it) is available to stream on Netflix, and it's perfect for the family that loves a good romance... and wants to learn the "Thriller" choreography.

13. How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)

Hey, why dwell on Thanksgiving? After you've finished eating your turkey, it's officially Christmas in my eyes! Get into the holly-jolly spirit early by watching this whimsical and silly classic.