13 ‘Love Is Blind’ Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Your Emotions

It's a truth universally acknowledged that a man in possession of a dating pod, a notebook, and a series of single women trapped behind a Blue Wall will of course be in want of a wife. Likewise, any reality dating show with a series of wild contestants, absurd scenarios, and the promise of marriage at the end will spawn infinitely shareable memes. Netflix's hit dating show, Love Is Blind, has quickly become the latest all-consuming, cringey-but-can't-turn-away series to take over the timelines of its enthusiastic fan base. So whether you're still experiencing second-hand embarrassment from Cameron's disastrous rapping or wondering how producers let Jessica feed wine to her golden retriever, these Love Is Blind memes perfectly capture audience emotions ahead of the season finale.

First up, things move pretty fast in the pod-verse. It just so happens when you’re trapped inside of a dating cell, forced to talk for days on end with whoever happens to be on the other side of a wall that nightlights as an alien spaceship, people start saying things like, “I love you,” pretty quickly. With their weddings only weeks away, love better reveal itself to be blind. Or else, these couples are in for a rude awakening post-honeymoon.

The bar is actually in hell.

Giannina Milady Gibelli was born to be a Real Housewife. Pay attention, Andy Cohen.

The third mood is whatever you felt when Cameron finished rapping to Lauren's mom.

The Office, meet Love Is Blind. You are a match made in heaven.

The Office parallels are actually spooky.

Andy gets it.

This just in. Audiences are demanding that Netflix release the credit scores of its Love Is Blind contestants.

And so, so, so much Jessica content.

The most shocking event of the season was when no one called a dog protection hotline on her.

The season finale of Love is Blind is available on Netflix streaming on Thursday, Feb. 27. Until then, fans will have to keep scrolling to fill the void left by Vanessa and Nick Lachey, the most twisted couple on television.