13 Group Photos Of Labradoodles That Are Literally #SquadGoals

Fluffy dogs — they truly make the world such a better place. They can jump all over you, give you an immense amount of wet kisses, and beg for extra treats at your feet (and you'll obviously give them more). No matter how mischievous they may be, you'll always love them endlessly. They also give the best cuddles ever, because there's just so much of them to smoosh your face into. Labradoodles are incredibly sweet fluffs — and just looking at pictures of them will show you why. If you don't have one of your own at home, group photos of labradoodles will certainly brighten up your day.

As you may already know, a labradoodle is a cross between a labrador retriever and a poodle. They're pretty high energy and they have such cute faces. They're known by their super curly, sometimes thought of as shaggy, coat that is so soft you just want to snuggle with them all day long. Their wavy, curly locks and floppy ears make your heart melt, and the long tail of a labradoodle makes wagging it such an event. Even cat people can come to the consensus that these pups are lovable creatures who are super photogenic.

These Two Are Too Adorable For Words

As stated before, all labradoodles are majestic animals, and this photo proves just that. They look like complete models, giving that perfect smolder over to the camera. And if you look deep enough into their eyes, they'll hypnotize you into falling completely in dog-love with them. These brothers are certainly stunners and would definitely make Tyra Banks proud.

They're Team Players, Obviously
korrinelovesyou on Twitter

According to, Labradoodles are good in most weather and have such a good temperament, so they of course make great service dogs. These two are the epitome of helpful — just look at their eyes! They also seem like the best of friends, so what more could you want?

Labradoodle Puppies For The Win
mkayg15 on Twitter

Puppies of any breed are almost too much to handle. But look at these two! From their snouts to sweet faces, this photos is to die for. Excuse me while I gaze at this for an hour, imagining what it would feel like snuggled up on a couch with them on me.

J Chillin,' Lookin' Fly AF
mcsquaredoodles on Twitter

These aspiring therapy labradoodles are too cool to even look at, to be quite honest. So picturesque, so serene — it's not even fair. This picture and these labradoodles deserve an award, and we shouldn't stop until they get one.

How Many Labradoodles Are In This Mirror??
filmpje_vd_dag on Twitter

While not really a group of labradoodles, this lone ranger seems to be caught in its own episode of The Twilight Zone, thinking it now has so many brothers and sisters. Pups and mirrors never cease to amaze the public, so this little one is giving us what we want.

More Puppies, Such Little Time
pollyrosetees on Twitter

Some more labradoodles puppies, and your heart is most certainly bursting at the seems. You can't see their eyes or faces because they're so busy sleeping, but all the better because you may fall over from swooning so hard. You may not believe in love at first sight, but you will after viewing this photo. Trust me.

Tiny Ice Dancers
mieke_kerkhof on Twitter

Who says you need lessons to be good on ice? These little labradoodles are doing A-OK, and honestly they deserve a gold in the showmanship award, because these two are obviously slaying their best moves. Most likely enamored by the crazy floor below them, these two are discovering the wild world around them.

The Sun's Out, So Tongues Are Out
morwendonhouse on Twitter

Look at the front one's tight curls! When labradoodles aren't giving us Nick Jonas hair circa 2006 flashbacks, they are serving adorable looks of their own. Their eyes may be hard to find under all that hair, but once you do find them, they are still out here stealing our dog-owner hearts.

Adventure Is Out There
dogsofnw on Twitter

These labradoodles look like they're ready to take the world by storm. They're obviously searching for the perfect moment to jump out of the car they're in and start sniffing for the closest bunny or squirrel. These three also look like they'd have the best Disney Channel show. Dog With A Blog, who? We don't know her.

Smiling Beauties
teresatrousers on Twitter

It's always sad when dogs pass on, but it's always important to remember the good times. These two seemed like the best of friends who ever existed — and they were obviously so in love with each other's company. The grass is green, the sun is shining, and these two seemed to be living their best lives in this exact moment.

Just Two Majestic Lions — Scratch — Labradoodles
keegansknines on Twitter

These two labradoodles look like they expect the world and then some, but in a totally likable way that you have to give it to them. They seem like the type to lay here all day long, only to get up to eat or slurp on some water. They're magnificent fluffs and will be respected as such.

Mr. And Mrs. Labradoodle Will See You Now
korrinelovesyou on Twitter

These "doods," as their mom calls them, look like the best kind of hosts. They'll lick your hands as you walk in the door, nuzzle and chew your shoes as you kick them off, then hog the couch in front of the TV. But it's OK, because you love these doggos anyway.