10 Pictures Of Labradoodles That'll Bring Oodles Of Cuteness To Your Day

by Tessa Harvey

No matter how cheery of a person you might be, sometimes, things just don't go your way. You may miss the bus, step in a giant puddle, break a heel on the way to work, or sleep through your alarm. Other times, you just wake up in a horrid mood. We're only human, and these things happen to the best of us. Luckily, there's something out there that's always guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Even on the gloomiest of days, we always have dogs. A smiling, excitable pup is truly the sunshine on a cloudy day — most especially if that pup is a cuddly ball of joy, just like these pictures of labradoodles.

I'm convinced that labradoodles are the teddy bears of dogs. They're so soft and cuddly that you want to pet them all day long, and they're so gentle-hearted and loving that they'll let you. There's nothing like a dog to level your emotions. Seriously, if a smiling, adorable, happy labradoodle can't cheer you up, I'm not sure what will. Needless to say, if you're having one of those awful, nothing's-going-right-for-me kind of days, here are a few furry friends to brighten it up. These 10 goofy pups are the perfect remedy to have you smiling in just about no time.

This Pooch Is Smiling So Big, He Can Hardly See
Mae Small

This pup is that level of happiness so many of us aspire to be. He's also rockin' the whole bangs-in-the-face look, and totally owning it. Keep on keeping on, pupper.

When You Want To Nap, But You're Also Really Nice And Take One For The Team
Tara Romasanta

Here's a prime example of what makes labradoodles such perfect dogs. This doggo is obviously trying to nap, but she also knows the lil dude loves her and wants to hug her 24/7. Would any of us be this nice mid-nap? Yeah, probably not. Kudos to this furry friend.

Dog Heaven Captured In One Pic
Luke Mattson

One, two, three... nap time! Doesn't this picture just make you feel so incredibly peaceful? This pup is the epitome of relaxed, and it's contagious. Just looking at this soothing picture makes my stress level go down, honestly.

Just Trying To Show Up In Time For Christmas
Tara Romasanta

This pup looks like she's just a few months late for Christmas (or maybe she's early, we don't know her life). Either way, she is fully rocking that wreath around her neck, and the snow is a great look for her, too.

When You're Chilling So Hard, You Can't Be Bothered To Sit Up
Luke Mattson

What I love most about this picture has to be the ultimate chillaxed vibe this doggo has. He is so comfy, he even has a pillow propping him up while he's (presumably) working on eating his treat. Looks like the ultimate lazy day in to me.

What Are You Waiting For? Let's Go Camping
Tara Romasanta

This labradoodle has been waiting to go camping for months, and you take him to take pictures? He looks likes he's been waiting for you to put the camera down and just come play for a good half hour. But seriously, if camping means I get to play and go hiking with an adorable labradoodle, sign me up!

The Only Way To Sing This Nursery Rhyme
Tara Romasanta

"You are my Sunshine" was my favorite song as a kid, and it just got a lot better from this picture. You're right, pup, dogs are our sunshine. They're the whole solar system (OK, maybe not, but they're cuter than anything in the solar system, so it's pretty much the same thing).

Getting All The Belly Rubs
Trinette Reed

One of my favorite things about dogs is that all they really want from you is your undivided love and attention, and they're not afraid to ask for it. This pup will take all the belly rubs, please and thank you. We'll give him all of the treats for being that adorable, too.

When You Don't Really Want Your Picture Taken, But You'll Strike A Pose Anyway
Tara Romasanta

The star of this photo really puts the landscape to shame, even if he's super reluctant to have his picture taken. Or maybe, he's just trying to get a candid shot. Either way, this picture has me feeling blessed.

Just A Fur Baby Soakin' Up Those Summer Feels
Lea Jones

I've saved the best for last. We have to end this adorable list on a serene note with a labradoodle chilling by the water with his friend. The perfect ending to be a perfect day (and a perfect post about labradoodles).