10 Pictures Of Dogs With Blue Eyes That'll Melt Hearts Left & Right

We can all agree that dogs are the most adorable creatures on the planet — am I right, or am I right? These four-legged furry friends are dubbed man's best friend for a reason. They are loyal AF, and all we want to do is just cuddle with them all day long. From their floppy ears to their wagging tails, it's no wonder they make our hearts instantly melt. If I'm being honest though, my fave part about dogs is their eyes. They truly are the window to their soul, and we can't look away — especially when we see pictures of dogs with blue eyes.

In my opinion, there is nothing more beautiful than a puppy with icy blue spectacles. These dogs don't even need to beg for anything, because we are already handing over all the treats we have. I don't know about you, but all I want to do is give a big hug to these 10 absurdly adorable pups with blue eyes. Not to diss other dogs, because they're all pawsitively sweet, but these blue-eyed fur babies will surely give you all the feels. After seeing all of them for yourself, you'll surely be saying, "Eye woof you, too."

This Boston Terrier Pup Is Tearin' Up My Heart
Helene Cyr/Stocksy

If this pup joined a boy band, he would fur sure be labeled the cute one in the group. Move over, Harry Styles, because this pup is Furry Styles, the newest member of the Barkstreet Boys. He's definitely breaking hearts and climbing the charts.

There's Snow Place Like Being Next To This Cute Dog
Ali Deck/Stocksy

This Siberian husky loves the snow, and I totally understand why. The winter wonderland really brings out the gorgeous blue in his eyes. There's snow way I can ever look away from this beautiful dog, it's just too difficult.

This Blue-Eyed Fur Baby Is Ready For Some Adventure

It's time to pack your bags. From hiking to playing frisbee on the beach, this blue-eyed doggy looks totally game for any adventure you want to go on. Make sure you bring extra biscuits for this good pup!

This Pup Is A Pretty, Pretty Princess
Lisa MacIntosh/Stocksy

Hello Disney, I found you a new princess for your next movie. It's this beautiful doggy with icy blue eyes. I know many of you are probably wishing you were a part of her world, so you could cuddle up and stream Disney classics all day long.

Life's A Ball When You're Playing With A Pup Like This One
Lisa MacIntosh/Stocksy

Hey pup, you're looking quite fetching with those blue eyes of yours. I bet you all of the dogs in the park want to play with you. Every day with you has got to be a total ball.

You Can't Say No To This French Bulldog
Kristen Curette Hines/Stocksy

Fur real though, who could say no to this adorable little puppy?! His beady little eyes are the most beautiful shade of blue I've ever seen. I just want to pick him up and shower him with hugs and kisses. He deserves the spotlight.

Two Pups Are Better Than One — And Also, This Is Cuteness Overload
Gillian Vann/Stocksy

You thought one pup was too cute to handle. Now, here are two puppies chilling together with their baby blue eyes, and it's almost too much to even handle. It's like you can hear these puppies begging for you to pick them up and give them love and attention.

This Dog Has The Most Pawsome Eyes Ever
Leah Flores/Stocksy

You may have thought blue eyes were special enough — but just look at this dog with two different colored eyes. I wrote a poem just for this precious fur baby, and it goes like this: "One eye is brown. One eye is blue. Here are all the toys, just for you to chew."

I'm Not Crying From The Cuteness, You Are
Danny Pellissier/Stocksy

OK, fine — I'll admit it. We're all totally crying from how adorable this puppy is. How do you not start tearing up when you look straight into this pup's teal eyes?

Hey Pup, Why You So Blue?
Alejandro Moreno de Carlos/Stocksy

The only thing blue about you should be your eyes. No dog as pretty as you should ever be sad. I'm here to cheer you up with all the attention you totally deserve.